Lamb Anyone? 27th August

Naburn Lock Water Point Pontoon

On waking the first thing to do is peek out of the curtains. Not much of a view side to side of the boat, but front to back we get something. This morning the cratch was covered in dew so it was hard to gauge if we’d started to go down or not. A harder look suggested we’d peaked last night and were now about 8 inches lower than when we’d gone to bed. Phew!

Mooring signs visible again!

Mid morning Mick loaded the broken shower controller into a bag and walked up to the bus stop on the main road, I went along to stretch my legs. We were surprised to find quite a queue at the bus stop, all from the campsite no doubt. Maybe they’d been planning on getting the river bus into town this morning, but despite the levels starting to drop the bus wouldn’t be running today.

Steps into water

On the map it looked like I might be able to walk along the road for a while and then join the flood bank where the river comes close to the road. So I waved Mick goodbye and headed southwards along the road. No footpath as such, but enough width to the verge to not have to walk on the road.

By the next buildings, Naburn Grange, was another bus stop where nobody was waiting. The Grange has a riding school and it looked like a group of guides were about to have a lesson. I continued along the verge, it getting narrower and higher as I approached bends in the country lane. I could see through the sideways trees that the river was very close, but there was no access to the bank, turning around was my only option.

Waiting to get on the bus

Back at the bus stop I just got to see Mick climbing on board the 42 before the bus sped away. There had been 16 people waiting, 4 got in a taxi and when the bus arrived a sign said it could only hold 18 passengers, there were already a few on board!

New junction, to us, in Fulford

The bus route took him through Fulford where a new junction has been created at the end of Fordlands Road, this is because a new housing estate is being built on fields along Germany Beck. The road here has been elevated and is surrounded by walls as this stretch used to flood several times a year, cutting off the bottom of the village. Hope the new houses are elevated too!

The River Foss

Mick was dropped off in Fishergate and walked the rest of the way to Screwfix on James Street. The chap there was surprised as the end of the controller had sheared off, a new one was found and handed over. His walk back into town took him along the side of the Foss. Not in flood, but the river had a good surface of duck weed. Where the Foss meets the Ouse a flood barrier was built many years ago to protect help protect the east side of the city from flood water backing up the Foss from the Ouse. Upstream of the barrier is Castle Mill Lock which can only be operated by IWA volunteers, this needs booking in advance. We’d been hoping to head up this way, not far as it is only navigable a short distance, but we might have managed to get to Heworth Green Bridge or alongside Huntington Road where I lived as a student for a few months. However work is ongoing at the flood barrier and the Ouse being in flood right now has put a stop to that idea.

Back in Naburn I decided not to abandon a walk, so carried on towards Naburn village and then climbed up onto the flood bank which protects the road. From here I then joined the walk from yesterday.

A step down now

Back at the river the levels were still dropping. A step down onto the pontoon now. However we’d be going nowhere today.

I had intentions of sorting out my Etsy shop with things I knitted earlier in the year, nobody can buy them if they don’t know they exist. But instead I wheedled out some possible photos to recreate as paintings. However I had little impetus to get much done.

Plumbers assistant

Mick returned with the new tap and after some lunch he became a plumber. We now have a shower that works again, hope this controller lasts this time.


Today my family should have arrived from London, weather and floods having cancelled their visit. This evening they were going to cook and tomorrow it would have been our turn, we’re all trying to save pennies. So tonight I decided to get the leg of lamb out, no point in stuffing it in the freezer for later, might as well cook it. As I set about in the kitchen Mick lit the stove which kept Tilly quiet for the rest of the evening.

Happier cat

Garlic, rosemary and rapeseed oil was rubbed all over the lamb before I popped it in the oven. A drizzle of balsamic vinegar for the last fifteen minutes.

Accompanying the joint I did some roast new potatoes with courgette, pepper, red onion and sweet potato. A very nice meal, it would have been even better to have been eating it with family. Oh well.

More wall showing

0 locks, 0 miles, 3 miles walked, 42 bus, 1 new tap, 1 working shower, 8 possible photos, 1 drab day, 1 annoyingly bored cat, 0.8m lower, 1 step up, 1 leg of lamb between 2, which will keep us going for a week.