Inverting Fan. 12th December

Broadmoor Lock

Whilst the world was still dark outside it remained dry. But once the sun had risen, along with ourselves, it started to rain. We’d been hoping for an hour of dry weather to get us closer to the stoppage, so that we could be poised ready and waiting to go through, but there really isn’t any rush so no need to get wet.

That’s also what I thought when they opened the back doors! Blimey it was wet. So wet it wasn’t even worth stepping past the engine board. A morning snooze was a far better option.

No thanks! Well maybe later

Taking advantage of the situation Mick got to work in the kitchen and rustled up a breakfast. Sadly no tomatoes had been ordered, but beans did the job instead. Very nice it was too.

Later on Tilly returned to her old younger self and ventured out in the rain, only to come back soaked and leaving muddy paw prints over everything including freshly washed trousers. At least she was keeping occupied and hopefully wouldn’t be bored for the rest of the day.

I got on with my knitting whilst watching the recent Elton John interview and Rick Stein eating and cooking his way around France. With the second glove knitted, there’s just the ends to weave in now and then they can go in the post. Next on the list of jobs was Christmas cards, the post version. All are ready for the next post box.

Hmmm, yum

As our macaroni cheese cooked in the oven we could hear the new setting on the inverter. This setting means that if the inverter isn’t being used it will turn itself off, but it wakes up every second to check if it’s needed. Well the fan on the top oven needed it, but maybe not quite enough. We could hear it stopping and starting. A touch annoying.

Originally the inverter would draw 20 watts just by being on. Then when Mick put it into turning off mode it would draw 8 watts whilst not being used and checking if it was needed. A few more adjustments were made today. Now whilst the inverter isn’t needed it goes into a mode with a modified sine wave and draws 12 watts. Hopefully this will stop things like the fan from stopping and starting and not affect anything else.

We stayed up to see the first results of the general election come in. The exit pole at least would mean that we wouldn’t wake up to a surprise result.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 wet day, 1 soggy moggy, 2nd glove knitted, 25 cards written, addressed and stamped, 2nd day of 2nd attempt of new sour dough starter, 12 watts.

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