Giving Up. 6th July

Above Iron Bridge Lock

We went to bed with it raining, it carried on all night and we woke to it raining, it was cold too! Whilst still in bed it didn’t take us long to decided to give up on our current cruising plan. We have somewhere to be, but that place isn’t dependant on where Oleanna is, we’ll still head to where we’d planned, but in a more leisurely fashion which hopefully will mean we stay dry.

Make it stop

She said I liked this outside. She was wrong! She’s been promising me a sausage day. She said it was a soggy sausage day. She wasn’t wrong! I tried to make her stroke the rain away and make it a lovely sunny outside, but it didn’t work! Only one thing left to try, sit and stare at the wetness and will it to go away. She and Tom left me to try this on my own in the pram cover, they’d just given up! So much for supportive crew!

It didn’t work!!!

Has it stopped yet?

Tilly gave up too and came back inside. Mick headed off for a Saturday newspaper with a brolly, after he’d lit the stove. Sock pair 27 needed their ends weaving in and would then mean I could take photos of the previous four pairs which I could then package up ready for posting. This requires the use of the dinette table, so Mick being out made it a good time.

Labelling socks ready for sending

The boat started to warm up, yesterdays clothes started to dry out. It kept raining.

What shall I paint today?

Time to get my watercolours out. Some photo auditioning was required, a short list put together and then an image selected. By the end of the afternoon I’d drawn out and put the first colours on a painting. The rain also stopped and some boats were on the move. Tilly headed out for an explore., Mick watched the cycling and occasionally flicked over to check the football score.

Why wasn’t it like this ALL day?

A fox! Where was it? Somewhere quite close. Please don’t say Tilly was trying to round it up! The noisy screeching barks put us on edge, time to persuade Tilly to come in. Mick tried, then I had a go from the hatch. Thankfully she was much closer to the boat than the fox and came quite quickly. It’s good here, why didn’t you tell me I liked it!

Mandarin Spring Roll Ducks having a preen

Paprika Pork for dinner, a catch up on the news, pair 28 cast on and then the final of Traitors USA 2.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 newspaper, 1lb jersey royals, 1 floating boat, 4 pairs packed up, 2nd class postage, 1 fox, 1 soggy sausage day, 1 stove, 28th pair cast on, 1 finale, 1 fast moving canal, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of approval for late afternoon.

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