Decisions. 20th March

Above Lemonroyd, still!

Still not a good nights sleep for me sadly. I don’t think my dental problems are over just yet. Things are better, I’m leaving things be for a few days in case it’s just the aftermath of having a wisdom tooth out. Shame I managed to stock up on my cereal whilst in Scarborough, but it’s too munchy to eat right now, porridge it is.

This morning it was raining. The river levels were down, amber light showing at the lock behind us, but it wouldn’t stay that way for long. There was a decision to make.

All that friendly cover being trimmed

We’re wanting to cross the Pennines via the Rochdale canal which is open. Woodnook Lock on the Wakefield Branch of the Aire and Calder reopened last Friday after a stoppage. However the next flood lock, Broadreach has been closed since the 10th March. The Aire and Calder followed by the Calder Hebble both have river stretches, all with flood locks or gates on them, quite a few of these are closed at the moment.

Today we could cruise for about three hours to above Kings Road Lock and moor there. One step closer to the next stretch of river, one ticked off. However, shops are further away than they are here and the only service available is a water point. We could carry on to Stanley Ferry, but it’s not as nice there for Tilly. Here we also have the advantage of transport should we want to go anywhere.

First decision made, it was raining, we’d stay put for the time being.

By the afternoon the light at the lock had turned red! We’d be staying now no choice.

Up ahead of us on the Leeds Liverpool there have been a couple of closures, Greenberfield and Bank Newton. Greenberfield reopened today and the towpath telegraph suggests Bank Newton will open before the weekend. To go this way we’d still have the River Aire to cope with, but once up River Lock into Granary Wharf we’d be free from flood locks and rising levels. We went that way last year, it’s our favourite canal, but we’d really hoped to cross via the Rochdale. This decision has been differed for the time being.

A day of Tilly finally going out, Mick trying to understand the instructions on how to program the voltage sensitive relay switch he’s bought for the Nebolink (still unfathomable) and me knitting. My latest sock frogged back and altered a touch so the secret message would be clearer, it also means the knitting of it and it’s partner should be quicker.

Just who would win the silver?!

Mid afternoon, we couldn’t wait any longer, we had to finish off Traitors Australia Season 2. Not quite the outcome we’d been hoping for, but maybe better than we could have imagined when starting on the first episode. Thank you Adam for helping feed our addiction. We now just have to go cold turkey and start watching all the other things that have been recording on the PVR.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 load of translated mumbo jumbo, 1 amber turned to flashing red, 1 fair weather cat, 1st chiff chaff, 1 frogged sock, 1 trimmed towpath, 1 heel turned, 1 lazy day, 1 tasty tuna macaroni cheese. No you are not having another Mrs Tilly stamp of approval for here!

2 thoughts on “Decisions. 20th March

  1. Sandra & Barry

    Sorry you’ve got tooth extraction problems too! The capped tooth I had removed a couple of weeks ago actually didn’t hurst at all after removal – it felt like it must’ve been a relief in my body to have it out after years of problems …

    If you choose the LL again we’ll get to see you as we’re tootling along towards Leeds very slowly. One of our favourites also. We will be doing the Aire and Calder from Wakefield to Cooper Bridge Junction eventually, as it’s one of the few routes we haven’t ventured onto in the 14 years we’ve been liveaboards.

    Good luck if you do choose the Rochdale! It’s an interesting canal – glories but very challenging as you know 😉

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thankfully things are improving on the tooth front. A filling and extraction, strangely enough it’s the filling that has been giving me the most jip! But after a week things are settling down now, I can nearly eat at a normal speed. Glad your extraction wasn’t too bad.
      The way ahead is opening up to us, hopefully we’ll make it onto the canal before the flood gates close again! This will be our third time on the Rochdale (plus a trip on a hire boat) and I’m looking forward to the views whilst having a breather at the locks.
      The first time we came across you was in Hebden 2014 for the Tour de France, we were there on NB Lillyanne.
      Enjoy the LL, we so nearly carried on to Leeds, may come back that way, or maybe it’ll be the Huddersfield as I may have some work there later in the year.


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