TLC Day 5. 26th January

Plenty to do today, but not in Goole.

Having a car would make the day easier and I got to actually see the Postie. They delivered a parcel I wasn’t expecting from the ladies who are Wool is the Answer, three of their lovely sock sets. The sparkly yarn will have to be used on some pantomime socks for Paul at Chippy Theatre. I may not put much glitter into my panto designs but panto socks are a different matter! They have also planted an idea of visiting a yarn show this year, so that I can hopefully say a thank you to those who have helped with yarn donations face to face.

Yummy, thank you!

I was dropped off in town to order the bathroom vinyl whilst Mick saught out a motor factors and visited his doctors surgery for a routine test.

That’s been here for some time, the blacking has worn off

Meeting up again at the house we headed out to the tip, time to dispose of old engine oil from Oleanna and say our final farwell to the folding barbeque that had started to resemble a tea bag. A big shop at Morrisons, collecting things from Dunelm followed by a visit to Halfords, Mick hadn’t had any luck elsewhere and was in need of a few electrical bits and bobs to get the new batteries working.

electrical bits and bobs

In the afternoon there was some time to try to catch up with the blog followed by weaving ends in on the next pair of socks. Mick was keen for us to watch the penultimate episode of The Traitors, we’ve binge watched season one and had just about caught up with season two. I was strong and made us wait until I’d finished the socks and photographed them.

We were then ready to be able to watch the final live. It didn’t disappoint.

So what are we going to watch now?! There’s always the American and Australia Traitors!

Come play up my tree!

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 trip to Goole, 2 x 3.5m vinyl, 1 fitter booked, 1 blood test, 10 litres oil, 1 ex-barbeque, 1 big shop, 1 duvet cover, 3rd pair finished off, 2 very tense finale, 1 happy cat.