TLC Day 2. 23rd January

The alarm was set, a note popped in the window for the Postman, the car was loaded with tools and then those two big cardboard boxes that have been sat in the hallway over the weekend. Blimey they were heavy! Between the two of us we managed to get them out of the house and part way to the steps where it was decided that Mick would take them from there into the boot.

First stop Woods Carpets in town. Woods have provided me with carpets for the house and theatre sets for years. It’s nice to go somewhere where you are known, say what you are wanting, be shown samples, told prices straight off, can we do a join there and there and walk out of the shop with a sample book knowing that the flooring can be fitted on the day I’d like, everything at half the price of the place in York and all in ten minutes!

Next B&Q for some cheap brushes and roller heads, glue and some lint free cloths. Gosh the prices have gone up in there! Then it was across the Wolds, wind and rain keeping us company all the way. My knitting needles clicked away, I just have to arrange my knitting so that I’m not turning a heel whilst travelling in the car!

There she is.

There she was, time to give her some TLC and start work on the battery upgrade.

First things get her warm. Mick turned the heating up whilst I lit the stove. We needed Oleanna to at least feel dry inside before I started to apply oil and varnish, thankfully we’ve chosen a week when the temperatures would be reaching into double figures.

Mick walked over to see if Alastair (the marina engineer) was around to alter the cables we’d bought with the batteries. These arrived as two 6m cables one positive one negative, but we’d ordered 2 3m cables of each. The cables needed chopping in half and connectors crimping on the ends, not worth sending them back. Alastair wasn’t around, but the cables were left in the office for him. Mick also gave notice on our mooring to Laird. Our exact leaving date will depend on Goole caisson opening and changes to some medication Mick is on.

The pull out galley cupboard was emptied. Crockery and glasses were boxed up to return to the house, then the two screws which hold the pan drawer in place were unscrewed. Well I say unscrewed, but it turned out that only one of them was actually only just clinging onto the drawer. When it all gets reattached I’ll be adding more screws, it’s felt a touch wobbly for a while, now I know why. Now I got to see a part of the boat only Tilly normally gets to see, she’d stashed one of her toys there!

I emptied a big drawer under the bed, this will be where I store donated yarn for my Sockathon. I then went through the books on shelves, removing guides we’ve picked up through the years and recipes from magazines I’ve kept. Guides to various waterways were noted, some we’ve been given may well be handy for our planned cruise this year.

Mick headed into the engine bay, with the power turned off on the boat he removed the old batteries and inspected the battery tray. A touch rusty, time to give it a clean and apply some fertan which could work overnight. Mick then set about working out where the new busbar could go, cables from here and there all needed to reach it with ease.

Cream of tomato

After lunch, inside Oleanna the wheels on the pullout cupboard got a good clean, the floor was hoovered and washed very well.

Do NOT start the engine!

Outside the wind and rain were not that conducive to much more work in the engine bay. We’d managed quite a bit of prep work so soon called it a day. One of the old batteries was wired back in and sat on top of the engine so that the fridge would work and things could be charged ready for tomorrow.

Interesting name

Back across the Wolds, time to pick up a couple of parcels that had been left with our neighbour. 3 skeins of yarn from a lady I’ve never met, her yarn stash had been delved into and a donation sent, she’s also sponsored a pair of socks.

Then there was a big box. Blimey! How much yarn was inside!?! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a generous donation from The Knitting Shed. 31 mini skeins, quite a few part used cakes and several full skeins of yarn. I had to keep peeking inside the box to check I wasn’t seeing things!

0 locks, 0 miles, 3 batteries disconnected, 1 tray fertanned, 2 batteries taken for a drive, 1 floor washed, 2 screws removed, 3 shelves rationalised, 2 soups, 1 fire, 2kg of yarn, 1 lovely evening in Filey.

3.75 pairs knitted

23 pairs spoken for

48.25 to go

£585 raised

2 thoughts on “TLC Day 2. 23rd January

  1. Tom


    Don’t tell me your expensive lithium batteries have reached the end of their life and need replacing?

    1. pipandmick Post author

      You seem to be set on monthly repeat Tom as you asked the same at the end of December. MIck did a big reply to your comment then.
      One battery went faulty last summer, and we now have to opportunity for more modern batteries, higher amp hours for less money.

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