Parcel Collection 1st October

Doncaster Visitor Moorings

Mick glanced up from making tea, ‘There’s a boat coming’. Heading towards us was the bow of NB Siochanta, the newest Finesse boat with it’s owners Rachel and, oh I don’t know his name, sorry. They were on a bit of a mission to move the boat down to Thorne where it’s being lifted out for transportation to Liverpool. They’d set off from Sheffield yesterday morning and got drenched, today the weather would be kinder to them.


We had chance to say hello and have a short chat as they silently cruised past. They had their snagging visit quite a while ago in Sheffield so their maiden voyage had been a long time coming. Big beaming smiles on their faces, including Sprocket’s. Hopefully we’ll meet up with them somewhere sometime and be able to have a longer chat with them.

Futures Past and Present, click photo for more info

The Geraghty zoom included chainsaws, giant nail brushes, belisha beacons and covid. A full house this morning.

Have you forgotten something?!

A train journey up to soggy wet Sheffield. Gosh the train was busy, but thankfully we managed to get seats for the half hour journey. A post on the gluten free Sheffield facebook page had suggestions of where we’d be able to get some lunch, not too far from the station. Kollective Kitchen had been selected and a table for three booked. Fran Mick’s niece soon joined us.

Some catching up to do, very nice food to eat and a parcel to be handed over, well hardly a parcel, not much bigger than an envelope. I had a Shakshucka, Fran a loaded croissant and Mick bbq benedict which was bbq brisket on toast with poached eggs and hollandaise, I nearly had food envy, but mine was soo tasty! We all chose a cake for pudding too.


Alongside the cafe is Site Gallery. We went into a darkened room to see the current exhibition. Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom is learning to play the drums and cameras had been positioned in and around the drum kit. In the darkened room were screens of all sizes showing the images. We watched, sat down and watched, walked behind the screens. It didn’t really do anything for any of us. Time to leave.

Lovely to have a catch up with Fran and thank you for the delivery.

Fran, Pip and Mick

Back at Oleanna Mick slotted the new RAM into my laptop. I watched a youtube video that said it would teach me all about Photoshop in 17 minutes. I picked up a few pointers and then had another go at the songsheet. Second go and I had what I was wanting, just a shame I’d forgotten to remove the hairs that seem to appear on everything I do at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to remove these.

Baked beans on toast this evening. I checked the gauge of my latest pair of socks. Using a mixture of yarns the tension was looser than I’d expected, meaning that they would be bordering on being a touch too big. They were pulled out and I started again. Size 9, these may take a little while to knit up!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 new shiny boat, 2 smiling boaters, 1 waggy tailed woofer, 5 siblings, 2 trains, 1 soggy Sheffield, 1 niece, 1 lovely lunch, 1 small envelope, 16, 1 songsheet, 14 hairs, 8 but don’t tell her!