Bunny Heights. 13th September

Saxilby to Burton Waters 2 Day Visitor Mooring

Thankfully the rain had stopped this morning, time to find a more cat friendly mooring for the day. Other boats had already moved off heading towards Lincoln by the time we’d got ourselves sorted, we knew we’d not be going far today.

Site of the missing footbridge in Saxilby

Roads sit close to the canal before heading off at 90 degrees. The railway also follows close by, long goods trains rattling along the line. We’d not be loosing them for a while.


After a kink of the canal we could see just over a kilometer ahead, one boat moored up, there’d be space for us at the Bunny mooring. The boat already moored there was actually just off the 2 day mooring, we pulled in at the near end tied up and then did a quick health and safety check. It’s been some years since we’ve been here, in fact since leaving Torksey this is new water for Oleanna, but not for her crew.

A little close to the railway, but nice

The area was deemed to be feline safe. Six and a half hours Tilly! An extra rule added today, ‘No Bunnies!’ On our last visit here she returned to Lillian with a mouthful of bunny from the other side of the bank we were moored against. Link


I listened didn’t I! However you didn’t say anything specifically about mice! Tilly was ushered through the boat and all doors closed again!

A few emails regarding panto were exchanged, a request for an extra bucket easy to do. Still no news from the printers. I emailed my agent who happens to be married to the main man, she’d get onto it.


Then time to sit back and watch a film whilst knitting. The Lincoln Lawyer an aptly named film for our location, but it didn’t want to load. Film 4 only wanted to show adverts then would fail with the main feature. A hunt through the PVR, Rocketman (2019). That would do nicely, the story of Elton John. Although it wasn’t the jolliest of films, but then he didn’t seem to have the jolliest of lives until he met David Furnish.

This evening we took advantage of the mooring having space to our stern and got the barbeque out. A bucket of water now essential as hot coals keep falling out of the side! Sweetcorn, followed by some rather nice lamb burgers from waitrose and veg kebabs. We sat and watched paddleboarders and a rib come past. The rib slowing when they saw us sat outside, but they sped up to pass out neighbour, their wake washing up high over the gunnels!

0 locks, 2.7 miles, 0 bunnies, 1 mouse, 1 new fat fender, 1 missing bridge, 2 many loud trains, 3 pairs, 4th started, 1 quick rise to fame, how many costumes?!? 2 cobs, 2 burgers, 2 rolls, 4 kebabs, 1 chink to Peter, 2 fire ribs, 1 wonky canoe, 1 superfast rib, 4 zooming canoes, 1 brick!