It’s All Downhill. 15th August

Welford Lock to River Avon Aqueduct

A busy day that was taken over by Panto again.

An email from the set builders with new prices, a request for one more drawing to make marking out of some archways easier (don’t know why I didn’t do this already!). Props questions answered and references found for Jo. Answers to questions back from Chippy. A possible solution for the clocks.

A clock solution

Then the people making our new windows got in touch wanting us to check through the details. Good job I was in work mode and took the time to have a good look at the drawings they’d sent. One window was drawn at a foot taller than the basic measurements I’d done in February and the paint finishes needed adjusting. But all good now.

After a frankfurter filled lunch it was time to head to the Post Office to see if my sample had arrived. It had! Far bigger than I’d expected as the lady handed it over. I rushed back to Oleanna to take a look.

Well what a disappointment! Blurry, the colours not as vivid. I laid my model on top. There are several factors that may have affected the print, the main one is the scan that was used. Here on Oleanna my scanner/printer can go up to 1200 dpi and this will not be enough, but I did expect to still be able to see my brush marks on the banana palms. They could also have used the wrong file. They maybe thought it didn’t need to be as detailed as I wanted it to check colour matching, however the colours aren’t right for that either! The sample turns out to have been a waste of time, thank goodness it didn’t cost us £200.

Well that’s just pants!

A phone call is required to reassure me that they can print the portals to show off all the hard work I put into them. If they can’t it may be that I end up having to paint them!

Now anyone who has visited Welford will know how appalling it is for phone signal, two chaps were sat in Pocket Park earlier today talking to people on their phones about the lack of signal in the area. We decided to move to try to improve this.

Ha ha! You can’t catch me!!!

Just one problem, Tilly thought it was a frankfurter day! She was close by, but in fruit cake mode! Barmy barmy fruit cake mode! We tried making ourselves look very interesting, No I’m busy! I tried playing stick, I’d rather roll around thanks! Rugby tackle, you can’t get me! What we really needed was a dog walker, but none came. We went inside with doors open front and back, you’re boring!!!

A lady and woofer walked past, how had Tilly avoided them? She was on the roof. Na na you won’t catch me!…… Oh!!! You did! With Tilly safely inside not outside we could finally move off.

Welford Lock, then all down hill for quite a while. We’d hoped to be able to cross the Pennines again this summer and catch up with people around Stoke, but sadly stoppages have put us off that idea. Having said that there is a new stoppage ahead of us in Leicester which may slow our progress somewhat, or we may have to speed up to go through on an assisted passage, we’re waiting to hear the latest from C&RT.

Downhill to Torksey

We pootled back to the junction. A phone call between us suggested signal had improved. Here we’d be wanting to turn right, but there was a mooring on the aqueduct available to our left. We winded and then reversed to pull in by some rings. A second outside for Tilly today.

The drawing board came back onto the dinette table and radii (radiuses) were added to a new drawing of archways. Mick called his friend Chris, who’s just turned round due to the Rochdale 9 being closed, unfortunately our phone signal still isn’t great.

Gone 6pm it was Tilly’s dingding time. Or time for me to be a mad cat woman calling for her cat along a line of moored boats. I called. Put our dinner on to cook. Called some more. Did some more chopping up. Called some more.

Could one of these be the mystery bench?!

Then up popped Tilly with a friend in tow. Well I’d gone to see who was winning at Pooh Sticks on the River Avon and needed some assistance!

The combines are busy again tonight, thankfully moving to a different field at around 11pm.

Halloumi, Beetroot and Quinoa Salad. Not quite ready for a recipe share

1 lock, 1.4 miles, 200 yards in reverse, 1 wind, 1 pointless sample, 1 bag of carrots, 1 quinoa halloumi beetroot salad, 2 outsides, 5 frankfurters, 1 clock solution, 1 shadow alien, 1 possible mystery bench, 1 loony fruit cake, 1500 not 1200, 14 cream not white, 2 sticks, 1 friend, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of approval.

7 thoughts on “It’s All Downhill. 15th August

  1. adrian2013

    On the clock why the slot rather than a lever on the reverse side of the pivot friction fit or latched to each position? May be an obvious reason for your solution I’m missing 😊🧐

    1. Pip Post author

      Thank you Ade. Any ideas chipped in are welcome at the moment. I understand the lever on the reverse side of the pivot, but not the friction fit bit.

      1. adrian2013

        If the pivot is friction fit it will remain in position. Otherwise a free running pivot without any latching device the hands would be forced by gravity to end up both at the 6 o clock position. Hope that helps.

        1. Pip Post author

          Thanks Ade. I’ll add that into the mix, although I need the clock to end up at midnight, it is Cinderella after all

        2. Pip Post author

          You could of course have something on the reverse side of the face attached to the hands that is weighted, so it goes down to 6pm, but the hand up to 12.

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