Daddy Bear. 15th June

Sheepcote Street Bridge, BUMingham

A morning of work before heading up to the dentist. I am gradually doing my best to conquer my fear of dentists but today the sounds as I walked in through the door really didn’t help! From one of the two consulting rooms the sounds of a large bear retching echoed around the practice. The receptionist and I did our best to get words in edgeways for me to check in, then I was sent to the far waiting room. Selfishly I really hoped my appointment wouldn’t be held up, sitting waiting for a few minutes is bad enough, but with someone sounding so ill! What had they done to him?!

My dentist appeared carrying a cup off something, said hello and that he was just about ready for me. I hoped that was true. I’m not sure the cuppa was for the poor chap but if it was it certainly did the job, the noises ceased and my check up appointment went ahead on time. Followed by the hygienist, this was the chap I’d seen at my first appointment after lockdown, thankfully today the full Darth Vader mask isn’t required. All good, I could be on my way.

The Library

Lunch then a touch of shopping. We both required a few new items of summer clothing. It’s not worth spending too much on t shirts etc that may get covered in grease so we both planned a visit to Primark. Mick has a dodgy calf so was going to take the tram, I have dodgy legs which required a walk having been sat down for much of yesterday.

I returned with 2 t shirts and a new pair of shorts, whilst Mick only managed some floppy topped socks, nothing else took his fancy.

Daddy Bear, he likes his porridge

More work for me, some statues, crates and a few more ideas for the coach were scribbled into my sketchbook. Mick got on with setting up his new tablet and making himself Daddy Bear, at least this one didn’t growl!

Plenty of people were keeping The Distillery busy this evening. Orders for food being shouted across their open kitchen, timers sounding that dishes were ready to be served. Gradually the general hub hub of food switched to louder and louder music. Our TV had to be turned up for us to hear it. Mooring opposite a pub you expect it to be noisy, but we hadn’t expected quite such decibels on a Thursday. We did manage to watch, and hear, the first two episodes of Significant Other, a new comedy on Itv X. It may start off a little bleak but it is really quite funny. Hopefully we’ll get to the end of the series before our free trail ends.

Pleeeease move the outside!

0 locks, 0 miles, 9 retches at 101db, over 85db are harmful, 2 t shirts, 1 pair shorts, 3 pairs socks, 2 trams, 1 walk, 1 cat sooo bored of being hot in BUMingham pleading to move on. Don’t worry Tilly tomorrow!