Welcome To The Family 21st May


That’s quiet a breakfast!

After a breakfast that involved knowledge of where the nearest defibrillator was located, Frank had brought with him his standard three shredded wheat breakfast with full fat milk and cream, we made ready to head off for the day to Bowness.

A very green drive

The near two hour drive on busy windy roads was glorious for those of us who could admire the scenery, a little harder for Frank having to concentrate so much. Local knowledge of free parking in Bowness in handy along with knowing that you may take hours to find somewhere with space for lunch. Today we headed straight up a hill and found a parking spot, years of bringing shows to Bowness from Scarborough paying off. We’d also planned ahead and booked our matinee tickets at The Old Laundry to include lunch.

First we walked down to see Lake Windermere in it’s near sunny glory. Our reserved table at the theatre/ Beatrix Potter Attraction waited for us. Soup and a sandwich were enjoyed. We were spotted by several people. Bill who was one of our latest lodgers and Sue the Stage Manager for the show we were about to see.

Surrounded by giant mice

Welcome to the Family is Alan Ayckbourn’s 88th play. Josh is wanting to introduce his finance Sara to his parents, the only problem is that they are both dead. As ever Alan has caught a subject in his play that has also risen in real life, capturing moments to keep forever and relive.

From all the production photos I’d been wondering why Tanya (our other lodger) was wearing a school uniform. This very soon was explained in the plot. A very enjoyable show with a few dark plot twists in there as there should be.

Chilled medication

We met up with most of the cast after the show to say hello and had a couple of drinks before they were all heading out for dinner.

The drive back was still lovely in the evening sun. Tilly however wasn’t that impressed as her evening dingding had been delayed. Once she was fed we headed out to Aagrah for some food ourselves, returning for a slice of birthday cake.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 trip to Bowness, 3 soups and sandwiches, many many mice, 88th play, 2 lodgers, 1 Stage Manager, 1 hungry cat, 1 big thank you to Frank for driving.

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