Pushing The Pin. 22nd May


Frank was up and eating breakfast before we were, he was keen to get himself over to Leeds to see a mate on his way back to Scarborough. Soon the boat was empty and the fridge looked depleted again.

Time for us to do a stock up shop. I wrote quite a long list whilst Mick had yet another phone call, I’m beginning to think he’s having a bit of a fling with someone at Royal London!

He headed off with the bike to do a big shop, leaving me with complaining Tilly, I think she’s forgotten that she’d rejected our mooring as being rubbish the other day. We’d considered moving on through Brewery Swing Bridge, but the sun felt like it would do a better job with the solar where we were.

First ideas

Time to get the panto sketch book out and start doing a few scribbles for ideas. The basic shape of Chipping Norton was traced from a previous years sketch book and then I used a pin to push through several pages marking the corners, speeding up drawing it out time and time again for a story board.

I came up with four ideas of a basic setting. Some maybe better than others. I’ll see what else comes to mind in the next couple of days before I start working my way through the whole show adding in the different scenes.

Another covid test done, both negative, we were safe to make a visit to our friends.

Margie and Robert live by the canal, we last visited them late summer 2020. It was lovely to see them both, plus there was an added bonus of their niece Alison having just arrived for a visit. I’d not seen Alison since we were most probably in our twenties, so it was lovely to have a catch up with her as well.

An exchange of parcels was made, some post for us and the very last pair of Dementia socks to be handed over. Robert immediately popped them on followed by his sandals, to which Margie said ‘I could fancy you wearing those!’ Sadly I didn’t get a photo, maybe Alison can get him to pop them back on before she leaves.

We headed out to Wildwood for a meal. The youngsters walked via the canal so that Alison could meet Oleanna whilst the elders drove. The restaurant is in part of the Town Hall and apart from it not having any level access and the toilets being on the second floor it was very nice.

A starter!

Mick and Robert opted for starters, Mick’s garlic bread arrived the size of a main course so had to be shared out. The goats cheese and mushroom penne was very tasty, plenty of choices for gluten free.

Pip, Alison, Margie, Mick and Robert

We were so busy chatting away that the restaurant had to turn the big lights on to help persuade us it was time to leave. On our return walk Tilly popped her head through the curtains to meet Alison, she then sat in the window puzzled as to why we’d carried on walking past!

A lovely evening, followed by more birthday presents sent from London which included a heater for our engine bay, very exciting.

Birthday presents from the London Leckenbys

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 empty fridge, 1 big shop, 1 full fridge, 4 versions, 1 pair socks, 2 octogenarians, 2 parcels full of presents, 5 bowls pasta, 1 giant garlic bread, 1 puzzled Tilly.