Keeping My Little Thug Calm. 29th January

King’s Marina

Geraghty zoom topics this morning ranged from travel pillows to loaves of bread, Dr Who effects and there now being a world deficit of Smoke Grey dye. Unfortunately someone, who shall remain nameless, asked if Tilly was aware of our move back to the house. A second later Tilly’s little disturbed face popped up from behind the laptop screen I do now!

Breakfast was blueberry pancakes. I didn’t need lunch today! As I won’t be able to join in on normal Shrove Tuesday pancake making, I’ll be at work, so I need to make up for it over the next few weeks.

Tilly hates car journeys, the stress of them makes her ill for the whole journey. Each time we travel with her we try something new to see if it helps. A vet in Scarborough gave us some happy pills a few years ago, we were to sprinkle the contents onto her food each day for a week before any car journey. We’ve used it a few times now, a natural product which this time seems to have been putting Tilly more and more on edge. Yesterday morning as Mick folded some jeans she turned to him and hissed, ears flat back. This was not our Tilly! And most certainly is not a happy relaxed Tilly! Sprinkles will no longer be added to her food. The bottle of Pet Remedy came out and a spray on a tissue seemed to calm the situation down. Tilly spending much of the remainder of the day asleep on the sofa.

Mick has headed up to Scarborough to welcome a new lodger into the house. Thankfully someone I’ve known for years and she was happy to share with us. We’d hoped to be already settled back in before Claire arrived. Any major winter maintenance, redecorating, will wait for a gap between lodgers. Mick will be returning in a van. We’re hoping we can move in one trip to save on petrol. Hopefully the stress of packing won’t affect Tilly too much. We’ll try to keep things as calm as possible. More sprays of Pet Remedy and playing the fishing rod game to keep her occupied. Whistling Tom please can I book my scratch pole in for a service? It’s got very wobbly!

Ready for the move

There is only so much stuff you can pack to move and still be able to live on a narrowboat. Because our intention is to return to move Oleanna further north when we can, we won’t be taking as much back to the house as we have done in the past. What we need for a weeks cruise needs to be left so that all we have to do is arrive by train, stock up the fridge and go.

I’ve started to pack kitchen things and work related items. Paint brushes, model making kit, herbs and spices. Tilly’s food has filled a big bag, she actually has quite a stock of pink food of the meaty and poultry variety, just a shame she seems to now be preferring fish!

Almost spotless!

As I sorted the galley out I decided to give it all a good clean, a ‘winter clean’ if you like. The hob got a serious going over as did the kettle I bought twelve years ago in New York. That kettle sat on a kitchen shelf in the house for years unused until it moved onto NB Lillyanne nearly nine years ago.

A beef and beetroot curry had been defrosted to eat, leaving only some bread, a few herbs and some sweet pasty in the freezer. I’m thinking I may make some small Yorkshire Curd Tarts to use the pastry up when we’re back in the house. We’ll see, it may just end up in the bin!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 hod of coal, 0.5 ashpan of ash in 24hrs! 1 little thug getting wound up, 0 sprinkles, 2 new smoke alarms, 2 shoe boxes packed, 1 stern deck full, 2nd ball of yarn wound and knitted.