Calculations. 29th December

Henry Knibb Bridge 3A to Shardlow 48hr Visitor Moorings

Sunrise from the bathroom

Both of us had checked the river levels during a conscious moment over night, so neither of us were rushing to get going this morning. As we had our cuppa in bed we checked again, both the Government website and Gaugemap, levels were still going up on the rivers. Cranfleet flood gates would remain shut today.

The bacon was very good

Time to make use of those nice field mushrooms I’d bought in Alrewas along with the bacon. Once breakfasted we made ready to move into Shardlow, away from the traffic noise and to see if there was space by the pubs to put a supermarket order in for delivery.

Didn’t the cottage used to have something like Wisteria on it?

A slow pootle to Shardlow Lock past all the moored boats. The lock was full and a grassy island sat just above the top gates waiting to make it’s way down with us. Despite Mick trying to discourage it’s descent it won and entered the lock with Oleanna. A Grandad with pint in hand brought his grandsons over to watch us at the lock, just in time to help close the off side gate.

Nearly down

A top up of water was needed, a load of washing and the dishwasher had been at work already. Tilly’s pooh box got a refresh then we were ready to find a space. As we passed the moorings outside JD Narrowboats I spotted a very shiny NB Hunky Dory, was this THE NB Hunky Dory the owner having got in touch with us years ago at their planning stage. This was to be a boat with not one but two incinerator toilets, high spec kitchen appliances. This was all pre-pandemic, was this their winter mooring, or was the boat only just finished? Both very possible.

Not much passing traffic here

Two boats were on the moorings before the bend, we hoped there might be room for us at the far end, but rings hadn’t been used with others in mind. A glance up to the pubs, three boats were nicely spaced out there too, it didn’t look hopeful for a delivery so we reversed back to the first mooring ring. Yes there is a git gap in front of us, but we are on the last ring. Mick walked up to check on the pub moorings, there were four boats, no room for us.

A cuppa and a shopping list were put together then Mick headed over to Leicestershire in the bike, across the River Trent, to pick up a few things to keep us going for the next few days.

Tilly came and went for Dreamies. There are calculations going on with the hope of being able to reach the top of the brick wall alongside our mooring. The C&RT wooden posts may just assist. The mortar between the bricks is too new to get a good grip. Depending on how long we are here, she may discover that she can walk just a few yards along the towpath to an open gate to see what’s on the other side of the wall! There’s no fun in that though!!

An enforced stop means I need to get on with some work. Props for #unit 21 will be needed soon into the New Year and I have quite a lot of materials on board to get started.

Green mats

I unwrapped a couple of the yoga mats I’d bought. These are cheaper than plastizote, come in a good colour but are a touch softer than I’d thought. Making certain things from them won’t be a problem, but the biggest prop may need extra support. I spent the afternoon measuring the mats and working out how best to cut them up. I’d not taken into account their rounded corners, but as the thicker mats are bigger than advertised this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Next I measured all Oleanna’s doors, hatch and windows. I need an opening of at least 60cm for the big prop. Oleanna has a maximum opening of 54cm! If I took the front door frame out then maybe, just maybe there’d be enough room. This would mean making the prop in our bedroom as the bathroom doors are narrower. Hmm, maybe I’ll cut everything out and assemble it in Huddersfield when I get there.

Detailed calculations

The door openings did make me wonder how deep our washing machine is. It’s not a full depth machine so maybe it would fit through the doors sideways? Was it brought in before the doorframe was fitted? Now what about the cooker? One day we’ll have the joy of finding these things out!

As the day progressed the river levels have risen further. Our bookings on the Trent are looking like we won’t be able to use them.

Using stuff up rice

Last of the Christmas duck was added to some fried rice this evening. That’s the end of the duck and birthday cake, just the ham to finish off tomorrow.

1 lock, WE 0.65 (will this be our last journey recorded on Water Explorer?), Pip’s Nebo 0.8 miles, Mick’s Nebo 0.7 miles, 1 load washing, 1 dishwasher load, 1 clean pooh box, 1 clean pooh bucket, 2 many git gaps, 1 mathematical cat, 2 yoga mats, 1 sheet of calculations, 1 boat going nowhere for a while.

4 thoughts on “Calculations. 29th December

  1. adrian2013

    Good looking breakfast and yes the bacon and roons do look very nice! Well all looks nice I could clear that up right now!
    Shame the rain came when it did. But iced in isn’t much better!

  2. Adam

    I’m way behind, sorry! If the Hunky Dory was white with sort of stick figures on the side, then it is that one. Did a boat test on it probably 18 months ago. I understand the incinerating loo used too much electricity…

    1. Pip Post author

      This one was shades of grey, don’t remember stick figures. It looked fairly new paintwork. Has your boat test on it been published?

    2. Pip Post author

      Ah just found the Hunky Dory you must have tested, different boat builder and owner. But odd there are two Hunky Dorys both with incineration loos

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