Inpection Hatch. 23rd November

Avon Aquaduct

A hair dryer was requested by the plumber this morning in Scarborough, with the hope that a bit of heat would get the fan moving on the boiler. Sadly this didn’t work, a new part needs to be ordered, but at least the boiler hasn’t as yet been condemed! However an inspection hatch would be needed in the ceiling of the utility room so that the flue could be, as suggested, inspected. We’d need to get one fitted.

First port of call would be Frank, see if he’d be willing to help. Thankfully he was and arrived with his own tea and sugar as supples at the house are minimal. He was quite happy to sit and chat in the rather chilly kitchen with his coat on. Next job was to try to find out where the supports for the ceiling were.

When we had lots of work done to the house we took quite a lot of photos, so that we’d know where pipes etc were in future. This was a very good idea, just a shame the photos take an age to find. This job was passed on to me, a welcome distraction when I was about to start on my accounts!

This however led to more distractions as I worked my way through folders of photographs from twelve years ago. One was handy as my cousin has been asking about a painting that had hung in my Dad’s house, I wasn’t sure which one she was asking about as there were four hung on that wall.

Most photos were near water, early boating holidays, later boating holidays, Houdini sitting on top of the boiler when it was newly installed.

Weddings, family walks, photo shoots for shows, sets.

Eventually I found the photos and was able to give guestimates as to where the joists were, but at least Mick and Frank knew which way they ran. Soon the hatch was installed. We just need the plumbers to get back in touch with a date when they can return to replace the part and use the newly installed inspection hatch.

Back on board Oleanna, Tilly and I whiled away the day. Mushrooms on toast for breakfast, another episode of Lewis, no accounts and then some cabbage and halloumi hash with a poached egg. Somehow we’ve ended up with three lots of halloumi in the fridge and we’re very unlikely to be having a barbeque soon, so the recipe was a good find.

During the day I could feel that my cold was moving down into my chest. More lemsips required and a phone call to the dentists for some advice. As long as I wasn’t positive for covid they would see me. A test was done in the afternoon, still negative. This must be my first cold in over three years, have to say I haven’t missed them!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 coal skuttle refilled, 1 fan not working, 1 chilly kitchen, 1 inspection hatch installed, Thank you Frank, 1 Mr Hughes, 1 Duncan (he gets everywhere!), 1 old school friend, 6 passing boats.

Four stars in this review

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