An Early Christmas? 4th September

Oundle Cruising Club

The club didn’t stay open that late last night, the only customers were those stranded by the lock closures, so one family from NB Shadow, us and the volunteers who were running it. At some point during the day the volunteers left on their boat with all their woofers, they must moor elsewhere. This meant Tilly had the place almost to herself, taking up watching duty under the shed behind the clubhouse.

The final push for me with finishing touches to the panto model today. The new improved Panto Piccadilly Circus was painted and broken down to make it look a little bit old and worn. Then an hour taking photos of every scene to do a storyboard. A few little jobs to do tomorrow, then fingers crossed that it all gets the thumbs up from the Director and I can have a few weeks that aren’t dominated by panto before I start painting it all full size.

How many lengths of the boat have we got?

We had lunch sat out on the nearest bench and then Mick spent sometime with Christmas lights. Checking to see if they worked and how many we have. Ken and Sue have kindly lent us their lights that they used on NB Cleddau for the Bedford River Festival. A couple of lengths, one of which is 100 meters long, but sadly Mick couldn’t get them to work. It looks like we’ll have to buy some more.

Checking they work

Why check the fairy lights in September? Why so many? Well you’ll have to wait a little bit longer before I tell you.

This evening we treated ourselves to an Indian Takeaway. It had been planned for last night, but we’d sat out boozing with Ken and Sue until it was too late for Mick to collect one by bike, lack of lights. We got our food from Curry Passion which is close to Waitrose and a ten minute bike ride away. The Lamb Rogan Josh came out on top, followed by the Aloo Paneer, the rear brought up by Chicken Tikka Masala which was mediocre. By no means the worst Indian we’ve had, but not in the top ranking. On the plus side we do have enough rice left over for stir fried rice in the next couple of days.

The show’s about to begin

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 model finished, 1 box to tart up, 1 storyboard to collate, 800 bulbs, 400ish not working, 1 very interesting shed, 1 woofer left, 1 bike delivery, 1 button to press.