Haloumi To The Rescue. 27th March

Bramwith Junction to Thorne Lock, Stainforth and Keadby Canal

With yesterdays excitement having gone on a touch longer than planned we found ourselves without a newspaper to read in bed this morning, more concerning was that we had no bacon or sausages for breakfast! However I always keep some haloumi in the bottom of the fridge ready for a bbq, so I suggested a veggie breakfast. it turned out to be a good suggestion.

Haloumi and fried potatoes today

Once Tilly was back from exploring we made ready. The canals were busy this morning, boats stuck either side of the Low Lane Swing Bridge on the New Junction due to problems with the road barriers again. Until they are mended you can book passage through with 24 hours notice for 10am or 3pm, glad we were already through!

Time to go right not left

A push of the bow was required today, no wind to help us get off the bank, we turned towards the Stainforth and Keadby Canal and pulled up at Bramwith Lock. A narrowboat was just going down so I helped with the gates before refilling it for ourselves.

Bramwith Lock with it’s extended beams

Mick passed me the key of power so I could walk on ahead to work the swing bridge once we were down. I however was just a touch too late to press the buttons as someone who’d been at the services beat me to it. Two boats one way and one the other, only three cars held up.

That was my work done for the day, so I got out my knitting to do as we cruised our way in to Thorne.

Knitting as we go along

The boat that had been sunk in front of the dry dock looks like it has been moved over to the towpath side, it now has a boom round it. We pulled in between a couple of boats and let Tilly out just as Patch a woofer from next door decided to go for a walk all by itself. We now know it’s name very well!

It’s flat round here, apart from the man made hills

Tilly inspected the trees, there are plenty in the community wood, but decided that it was a touch too busy to make the most of them.

Staniland Marina ahead

A couple came by and stopped for a chat. They used to own a boat, but the lady now has difficulty walking so they had to sell up. Turned out they also had a boat builder go bust on them, they ended up loosing more money than we did. Link to our tale.

Trees as far as the eye can see

With the sun out there were plenty of people about at the bar across the way at Staniland Marina, one chap was having a very good time of it. We lit the stove, got it going and popped a couple of jacket potatoes in to bake, enjoyed with some onion sauce and cold gammon left over from yesterday. Yummm.

1 lock, 4.72 miles, 1 wind, 1 swing bridge swung, 3 held up, 3 slices of squeaky cheese, 1 tree whelmed cat, 1 pesky patch, 1.5 socks knitted, 2 perfect jacket spuds.