Who Stole The Outside!?! 23rd March

Pollington Visitor Moorings to Goole, opposite the concrete works, again!

I know I need to wash the windows, but…!

Who stole the outside!?! It had been an alright outside in the end, but now someone had stolen it! Thankfully by the time we wanted to be on the move the sun had started to burn it’s way through the fog, however a layer of merk lingered all day.

There were rendezvous to be met back in Goole, we just hoped that there would be space for us where cars can pull up close.

Imperceptible Norf

Through the haze we could only just make out Drax Power Station.

A Kingfisher sat singing as we passed.

A deer sprang it’s way across the fields stopping to check on us before heading into the woods.

Someone was moving house on the M18.

Back in Goole there was actually a choice of spaces where we wanted to be. We pulled up in the first one. A van was pulled alongside one of the boats. Mick chatted to the chap who was from a covers company from Hull. Did they do repairs? Yes, they could resew the zips into the cratch cover for us, £25, but they’d have to take it away for a few days. Fortunately they will be working on a couple of boats in Thorne next week, so we will coincide with them there.

Frank arrived an hour or so later, just as a batch of chocolate chip cookies came out of the oven! Then he set to on the freezer drawer.

With three layers of ply beneath the drawer Frank used his router to cut out a large rectangle, this would allow more air to circulate around the bottom of the drawer, there were already three holes to help air come up from the bilges.

A couple of ply runners were added to the floor to lift the drawer up slightly. These had a layer of candle grease liberally applied to them. Then the front edge of the drawer had some gliss domes screwed on. This is so that when you pull the drawer out there is a frictionless surface that will slide across the floor rather than a hard edge of wood. Small recesses for the gliss domes were chiselled out of the bottom of the dinette so that everything slid back into place. All we needed now were longer screws to reattach the drawer handle.

Outside knitting, until it got too cold.

Inside a narrowboat isn’t such a good place for gongoozling someone at work. Mick followed Frank around with the vacuum cleaner, Tilly busied herself in the trees and friendly cover and I got a chair out and sat in the sunshine knitting.

An Indian Takeaway from Leaf Tandoori was picked up and enjoyed with a glass of wine and plenty of conversation. I held of on my second glass until after I’d had a telephone conversation with a Director about a possible show, it went well, hopefully tomorrow I’ll find out for sure if it went well enough.

0 locks, 7.98 miles, 1 straight on, 1 deer, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Frank, 1 sliding drawer, 1 hugely massive battery, 4 hours, 2 fingers crossed, 4 poppadums, 1 shish kebab, 3 currys, 3 rice, 1 phone call.