New Pages

For a while now I’ve been meaning to add a couple of extra pages to the blog, at last I’ve got round to doing it.

I quite often get asked for the recipes for things I’ve made. Sometimes these are recipes taken from the internet, other times things I have made up. Having a place to note the made up dishes will be handy for me to be able to make them again. Above this post, you should be able to see a new menu item Oleanna Recipes. This is where those recipes will go.

When you see a blue arrow on a post it will mean I’ve added a new recipe.

You’ll notice another new menu item RedLockMakes. This is where I’ll showcase things I’ve made or current projects. Today I have added details of a fundraiser I am doing through March, keeping me busy now my Theatre Design work has finished. I’m hoping once March is over to have a bit of time to do more painting to add to this page. The red arrow will mean there’s something new to see too.

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