Our Burger And Chips. 8th September

Radford Smelly to Wedgenock Park Bridge 50

Buckwheat pancakes for breakfast this morning, although I seem to have lost the really good recipe so these weren’t quite up to scratch, maybe it’s the lack of sour dough starter in them! Tilly came home so I had the chance to walk back to the bins to dispose of rubbish. What a pleasant walk that was in the shade of all the trees, no good for solar though!


A message came through from Mick, he was on his way back, house chores completed ready for our next lodgers. He’d been lucky enough to catch the direct train from York to Leamington Spa so his return journey would be a couple of hours quicker than the outgoing one.

Neon strips ready to go on

Some attention was paid to my #unit21 model, new bigger boxes were made and lines on the floor moved and adjusted, they still need a touch more adjustment. The sliding doors now have a tissue paper covering so that the model can be back lit to get silhouettes. So nearly, but not quite finished.

Mick appeared earlier than I’d expected he’d got a taxi to the nearest bridge. A quick drink and a cat back on board and we were ready to push off into the early afternoon sunshine, we had shopping to do and a table booked for this evening. It took a while however to get pushed off as we seemed to have got stuck in the mud!

We pootled through Leamington Spa, pulling up by the new ramp up towards Morrisons. Whilst I did the shopping Mick pulled a polo shirt off from the prop, the reason for our seriously slow progress through the town.

£20 for a whole salmon.

If only our freezer was bigger, whole salmons for £20 or so, fillets or sides. Christmas 2019 they were selling off Turkeys at silly prices.

The weaving boat

Onwards just after a boat had come past, the chap weaving across the canal, side to side. Was he avoiding trees or just drunk? Would we end up sharing locks with him?

No trains as we went over the aqueduct. Four proposed locks will join the Grand Union to the River Avon here taking you on towards Stratford, ten locks in all.

No room to pull up for diesel at Delta Marine, well it was late in the day anyway. Will we have enough to get us to Coombswood Canal Trust? All the hire boats were out at Kate’s.

First uphill lock

Soon we were at Cape Locks, the first of many that will take us up towards Birmingham. Both locks were empty and waiting for us, their heavy bottom gates and stiff paddles a little unwelcome on such a hot day. Thankfully these would be the only locks we’d be doing today, Hatton can wait for a cooler day.

Does anyone know what the Round Oak 9 x 3 means inside the steel beam on these locks?


We pulled in at the end of the moorings in the shade, the batteries nicely charged by our cruise so solar not as important as shade.

What do you mean I don’t get to go out here?!?!!!!

A shower and change of clothes and we were ready to cross the top lock gates and take our table at The Cape Of Good Hope.

The Cape of Good Hope

Have they always had the extended outdoor seating area where the narrow lock used to be? Or has this been done because of the pandemic. Plenty of space to sit and eat your food, sup your beer and gongoozle. Our table was by the pub, with a view between two moored boats across the cut.

There was a constant stream of people being served at the window, inside was almost empty. A slight disappointment was that they only had gluten free Peroni, fine but I’d hoped for something a little more interesting so I stuck to white wine. A Kiwi Burger for each of us, Mick’s with a brioche bun, mine with a GF bun and rustic skin on chips. At last we were having our burger and chips!

Thankfully we were sat under cover as a rain shower passed overhead. Will we be so lucky tomorrow? Blimey it was busy, and rightly so. Just hope they stay this busy when the weather turns.


I’d already spotted a gf pudding other than ice cream on the menu, Blackcurrant Mousse Biscuit Slice. Blackcurrants are a firm favourite, so Mick didn’t feel left out he had a chocolate fondant. All very nice and well worth waiting for. A lovely evening at a fine pub.

Going home in the dark

2 locks, 4.54 miles, 1 mile round trip to the bins, 2 trains, 2 clean beds, 1 clean and tidy house, 29C, 0 blackberries, 1 chicken ready to roast, 1 polo shirt, 2 glasses wine, 2 burgers, 2 puddings, £51, £75 premium bonds win, 1 lovely evening, 1 Mick back onboard.


3 thoughts on “Our Burger And Chips. 8th September

  1. Dave (Scouts)

    Tried googling but all i get is places selling 9 x 3 oak beams – sorry.
    Remember a fine meal and quiz night in The Cape when we hired from kate boats a couple of years back and decided as usual on last night to moor back at the hire base and walk to the pub to save an early start next morning for unloading

  2. Richard Thorpe

    Round Oak was the steel works where the beam was rolled from an ingot. It is quite common to find such marks on steel beams. Round Oak was at Brierly Hill in the W Midlands

    1. Pip Post author

      Thank you Richard for solving that for me. First off I only saw the beam say Round, which didn’t make sense at all as it was most certainly straight sided. I’ll have a look on line for more info.

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