Cutting The Tea Cosy. 7th September

Radford Smelly

An hour of shore leave was permitted whilst I had breakfast this morning and wrote out a shopping list. Tilly came home bang on time, it was my time to head out before it got too hot!

A new route to see new things

A new route into town was called for. I walked along the canal until it ran alongside Radford Road when I dropped down onto it and walked in the shade for a while. At the junction of Willes Road there is a handy Sainsburys Local, it didn’t have the right sort of yoghurt though. I then followed Willes Road over the River Leam, today is the right sort of day to see Leamington shining in the sunshine with bright blue skies.

People enjoying the river

I found scissors and took a chance at a pair meant for crafting, rather than dress making, hopefully they will stay sharp enough for long enough. A hunt for black tissue paper came up trumps in the end, but a plant spray bottle with a pressure pump was nowhere to be found. I want one of these so the pram and cratch covers can have another spray of Wet and Forget before it’s too late, it’ll also mean I don’t get trigger finger! Think I need a garden centre.

As a child I wanted a dress the colour of that sky

Bobbing in and out of air conditioning had been worth the walk as it was now getting really quite hot. I chose to walk back through Jephson Gardens mostly in the shade then followed a path through Welches Meadow where there was no shade. Thankfully back at the boat it was still cool inside.

Mick gave me a whatsapp video tour of the house, before going upstairs upstairs to rummage through my scenic art bags so that I could select any good brushes for painting panto. I really wanted my foot wide roller cage to make basing in and glazing scenery so much quicker, hopefully it will fit the pole Chippy bought for me last time as Mick wasn’t too keen to bring mine back on the train with him. Once my brushes had all been auditioned it was time to re-read panto.

The final draft of the script had landed in my inbox, a few cuts and additions to the props list were needed. I suspect Jo’s Aunt has already knitted the tea cosy for the Dame to wear! This has been cut and replaced with a washing line full of underwear pulled out from beneath the Dames petticoats. Oh well, we’ll just have to take turns in wearing the tea cosy ourselves!

Not as good as true chilled medication

During the afternoon the temperature most probably rose to 29C and chilled medication was called for. As soon as I got a Solero out of the freezer it started to melt, it soon disappeared before I re-read Act 2. Tilly spent quite a bit of time inside this afternoon, but as the temperature dropped in the evening I allowed her to have an extra hour before her dingding. This could have been a mistake, but thankfully she came running before the mad cat woman had to show herself.

Ready for action

The new scissors were tried out and at the moment they are doing very well, a good length of blade and sharpness. Watching the news and Silent Witness got me through at least 600 leaves. Only another 2988 to go!

Another sunset

0 locks, 0 miles, 5 mile walk, 29C, 1 virtual tour of the house, 1 roller cage, 1 long handle, 6 brushes, 1 tray, 3 sets of linen, 1 helpful neighbour, 1 free chilled medication, 2 acts, 3 cuts, 4 additions, 1 sunset, 600 leaves, 0 new blisters, result!