Burger And Chips. 31st August

Norton Junction to Nethercote Bridge 101, Grand Union Oxford Section.

Mick walked up to the service block and cottage at the top of the locks with the Brompton to wait for our shopping to arrive. The driver rang in advance to ask where we were, his local being The New Inn at the top lock. He delivers to lots of boats and would have been happy to drive down to the C&RT yard for us, a very jolly chap.

Quite a bit of painting in these

It took a while to stow the shopping, so whilst I did that Mick pulled us forwards to fill the water tank. Boats were already on the move, the moorings round the bend reorganising themselves to gain the view.

Think an emissions test should be brought in!

A short boat came past us, meeting another coming through the bridge hole from Braunston, the short boat span round to the left avoiding any collision, good job they were short. They corrected themselves and carried on towards the tunnel soon to be followed by us.

Braunston Tunnel

In the tunnel we managed to hold back before the 400m mark and big kink to avoid two of the three boats coming towards us, we then powered on to get past the kink before the next boat came past.


With no sign of anyone following us we hoped a boat would be waiting above the locks to share. As we arrived we checked with a hire boat, they were staying put. Then the short boat we’d followed through the tunnel, they were having lunch before descending. Oh well, we’d be on our own.

At the top

Just as two uphill boats came out of the lock the short boat changed his mind, he’d come with us. The chap did his fare share, closing gates, winding paddles, whilst down below his partner was busy.

Going down

We passed a few uphill boats, me walking ahead to set those that needed it and coming back to open a gate for the boats to exit by. I could now see what the lady below on the short boat was busy with, burger and chips accompanied by a thick slice of white sliced bread and butter. Coo they looked good! She vanished with her plate leaving the chaps for an opportune moment.

Flower beds by Nick Wolfe

They moor somewhere on the River Soar and were part way through doing the Leicester Ring with no maps other than Google maps on his phone. I suppose you can’t really go too wrong, clockwise you need to keep going right, anti clockwise left, just so long as you don’t turn down the Ashby.

Gardener are us

The chap managed to get his burger and chips to eat as we approached the Admiral Nelson. Oooo they looked good, so did the chips at the pub! The lady stepped off and had a look round, then was picked back up below the lock, gold sandals not the ideal crew footware.

The chap kept single handing and we used one gate to exit to reduce the work load. What a shame there were no burgers and chips for us. Maybe we’ll find a suitable pub soon to make up for it.

Just about at the bottom

We pulled in before Butchers Bridge for our measly lunch, then pushed on to Braunston Turn where we turned left. A couple of miles on we found a spot to ourselves with views to the south and suitable sideways trees for Tilly. Mick lit the stove for the second night in a row, it is now autumn isn’t it?!

Left at the Turn

I spent a couple of hours hanging sliding doors and adding a green neon line to my #unit21 model. This will need a touch of adjustment but is more than enough for a white card model to show the director.

A roving bridge

Horticulturalists out there, what should I do with my wild strawberry plants? They obviously are unlikely to fruit again this year, but they have sent out numerous numerous babies. They obviously survive in the wild, so is there a way of keeping them happy over autumn, winter and into the spring please? Any tips would be gratefully received.

Babies galour!

6 locks, 6.61 miles, 8 boxes under the back steps, 1 good deed via escapees, 1 right, 1 left, 1 tunnel, 3 passed, 2 mysterons, 2 plates of burger and chips, 2 hungry boaters, 2hrs 15 mins shore leave, 1 model just about there, 1 vat of chilli.


4 thoughts on “Burger And Chips. 31st August

  1. Anne

    Cut off the strawberries babies except 2 or 3 so that all their energy goes in to the main plant. Take away any dead or unhealthy leaves. You can pot up a few babies if you have room for them.

  2. Carol Palin

    Hi Pip, we had wild strawberries on the top of SR all over winter 2020 and they were fine albeit that we were on the Thames. They are still growing here in the same pot in our garden and producing loads of fruit still but no babies!

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