Washing Washing Washing. 8th July

Droylsden Marina


Yesterday they moved the outside up, lots. Today what do they do, nothing. Nothing but bloomin washing! There is more to life than bloomin washing!!!

Washing out the back

They washed so much that even the outside didn’t have enough room for it all. Then She said they had to wash the bedding too! More rumbling from the cupboard and Grrring from under my booster block to see out the front window.

more washing!

Whilst the poor machine was over working they weren’t idle. There was that bacon to eat up, so they took their time over that. Extra time needed because the gas ran out just as Tom was about to start cooking, it was going to happen soon as we’d just seen Alton at the weekend. She had a quick look on face book to see if Brian Tom, the bearded chap who moves everybodys outside, might be delivering in Manchester in the next few days. Over their dingding there was lots of tapping and it turned out that Brian Tom would be delivering to this outside today! Good timing or what!

Thank you Brian Tom

She got an email with a brief in it, then got paid for half of it even though She hadn’t done anything yet. Then She started to take down the mushrooms. Well she called them mushrooms but they didn’t look much like mushrooms to me. They were in fact the under mushrooms.

Filthy dirty under mushrooms

Four little screws were taken out of the top and put in a small box for safe keeping. I offered on several occasions to help keep them safe, but She wasn’t too keen on the idea, so all I could do was sit and watch. The silver ring got polished and the meshy bit had a bath in the sink and a very very good scrub. Previous methods of cleaning the under mushrooms hadn’t been quite as successful, so today She was pleased with the result, just not so happy putting the four little screws back into the top to hold them back up there.

Shiny clean under mushroom

She then got carried away and wiped all the walls down in the kitchen. Then She cleaned away the evidence of numerous murders she’s carried out from the comfort of her own bed with her puzzle book. Once this was done She decided that She’d had had enough of this, her arms couldn’t take any more and anyway they needed to be ready for more locks not worn out.

Mushroom stalk

Tom has also been busy. He first cleaned his glasses and tried his mask on. Apparently soap is meant to stop you making your own little clouds in your glasses, but this didn’t work for Tom. She suggested trying wearing his glasses over his mask, all of a sudden no little clouds! She is clever like that, She is a Theatre Designer you know, they tend to be quite clever, so She says.

Bored Me

So Tom went to Tescimouse for a few bits which isn’t far away. He enjoyed this as he got to see trams. I didn’t get to see any trams as I wasn’t allowed out, all day!

Half done

Then Tom started to work on the new fender, taking the old one off first of course. This all took quite a long time as the Tom from next door really liked to chat, I think he’d put his blue gloves on just to chat as they weren’t keeping his hands clean as he wasn’t doing anything to get them dirty!

All done now

Tom tried the new shackles and ended up using a mixture of shackles and cable ties to hold the new fender onto the front, this helps to protect Oleanna’s nose when we’re in locks and we’ve quite a few of those to do soon.

On the dingding shelf

A She from down the way came and fed the electric for us, a couple more pounds would do. She was very nice and they didn’t mind talking to her. Tom gave her some money as they have decided that we’ll be moving in the morning, they hope the weather might be dry long enough to move the outside up some more without getting wet again. I suppose I’ll just be sat inside for another day. Where did she put those cotton buds?

Lamb and spinach curry

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 top up, 1 gas bottle, 4 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 1 brief (not knickers), 5 loads of washing, 0 shore leave, 16 boring hours, 56 cotton buds on the floor, 5 under mushrooms, 20 screws, 1 new fender, 5:45 dingding.

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