The 10% Is In The Air. 4th June

Lockdown Mooring almost 4A to Lockdown Pickup Mooring

Awake earlier than normal I listened out for rain, it sounded hopeful. After a cuppa in bed it looked like I might just be able to get a coat on the starboard side gunnel before we needed to move off. But as I ate my cereal it started to rain. Mick checked a couple of weather apps and there was only meant to be a 10% chance of rain, well that 10% was in the air and falling on the gunnel I wanted to paint! I decided to put off the painting for a few days as we’ve a busy few days ahead.


Our 48 hours would soon be up at ‘Home’, so we rolled back the covers and headed under the bridge to wind. We slowed and beeped the horn as we approached the flag bubble. The lead boat is now an interloper and has no flag, they could at least have made an effort!

New addition to the flag bubble

Barry and Sandra bobbed out into their cratch. On Saturday they will ascend the flight up onto the Llangollen so this was the last time, for the moment, that our bows would cross. It’s been nice getting to know them over the last few months.

NB AreandAre

We’re hoping we’ll be able to meet up in the future and actually sit down together for a drink, maybe a reunion on our ‘Home ‘ patch of the Shropie in a couple of years, who knows. But for now both boats have to head off and become the ‘strange’ boats in new places.

Safe onward travels

We weren’t heading far, just to the pickup mooring, well a little bit away from the road this time. Pulling in we deployed our tyre fenders which we think have grown. Oleanna seems to be sitting just that bit further out than normal, just that bit too far for me to get comfortably on and off at the stern.

Are those potatoes ready yet?

Mick then headed off on the Brompton to Crewe to pick up a hire car whilst I did a touch of research for panto and said ‘No’ a lot to Tilly, the road is too close here for shore leave. An email dropped into my inbox from Vanessa who runs Separate Doors. With some emergency funding from the Arts Council she is wanting to produce a leaflet regarding the Learning Disabled, the arts and the pandemic and would like me to do an illustration for the cover so that it matches her three previous reports. My answer of course was yes.


A click and collect order had been placed with Sainsburys to coincide with having a car, a big stock up before we head off away from Nantwich. Back at the boat we sorted it into quarantine and disinfect. We’d been told that the blueberrys had a short date on them by email this morning, but not about the other items. Two pies, 1 large chicken, houmous and onions all use by the 6th. The chicken was meant for Sunday then it would last through much of the week. I filled out a form on line requesting a refund, sadly nowhere to leave a comment. Normally we like Sainsburys but this order is very disappointing. Menus rearranged and we’ll risk having the pies on Saturday. If they are true to their word we should get £16 back in vouchers.


Mick made use of the car to take some old engine oil to the tip, fortunate that the registration number of the car ended in an odd number as no even numbered cars would be allowed entry today. Just as Mick was about to pull away, two familiar figures walked past on the road. They then made their way up onto the towpath. We know which way the Wheelie Shoppers were heading, but not their final destination, hopefully we’ll find out before we have to push off out of the area.

There they are, rucksacks full

This morning before we moved off the PPe bird sang it’s heart out again for us. We’ve not heard it for a while and didn’t manage to record it again. It followed us down the way to the pickup mooring and as it rained this evening we think we got a match on Mick’s app. The bird in question sings a variety of song, PPe we believe is only part of it’s vast repertoire. Several other excerpts of song were analysed and came up with the same conclusion. A Song Thrush. This could be wrong as the actual PPe call hasn’t been successfully run through the app and there may be a Song Thrush sitting alongside it. We’ll have a listen to recordings and see if we can confirm our suspicions.


Dark clouds came and went for the remainder of the day, another 10% then 20% of rain filled the air. By the time the chicken was roasted there was 70% rain. That gunnel better not have to wait months to get painted!

0 locks, 1 wind, 0.75 miles, 2 final farewells, 1 red car, £16 plus, 1 Thursday night roast, 10 litres to the dump, 0 wheelie shopper, 2 wheelie shoppers, 1 possible identification, 2 very fat tyres, 1 wetter day than expected, 27 keys at the ready, 1 miffed off Tilly.

3 thoughts on “The 10% Is In The Air. 4th June

  1. Dave (Scouts)

    Think you will struggle until Tuesday at least looking at BBC weather this morning

  2. Sandra Walsh

    What fab photos of us, it’s rare to get us on a shot together 😉
    Sounds like Sainsbury’s continue their shoddy service … Barry’s home-made step was such a blessing for us, that Shroppie Shelf is a nuisance.
    It’s very quiet so far on the Llangollen, no other boats close by so we’re not ‘a strange boat’ yet 😉

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