Two Pronged Shopping. 9th April

Lockdown Mooring 2 to Nantwich to Lockdown Mooring 4


‘No Tilly, sorry’ was a phrase used a lot today. She just didn’t understand that every ten to fourteen days there will be one day where she isn’t allowed out. She was adamant, shouting at the back door, she’s forgotten all about BUMingham! I know we’d asked her to use shore based facilities and for the last ten days she has only visited her pooh box twice, today she could go as often as she wanted, But I’d rather go outside! Her four legs stayed crossed for much of the day, giving in mid afternoon, I could hear her relief.


Another warm, but overcast day to pootle into town. At the green double decker bus kids were playing with a hammock, glad I wasn’t the one lying in it! Then there is the field with what looks like hundreds of old tractors, someone’s collection maybe. All these sights will soon disappear as the hedges and trees are starting to turn green, the Blackthorn is certainly in full flower which is just wonderful.

Under Nantwich Junction Bridge

Several boats had already passed us this morning, we passed them as we arrived at the embankment. There was a space just where the ramp comes up to meet the towpath so we tied up, collected our bags, a bike and the long shopping list and walked into town. It seemed busier than ten days ago, more cars and more people out walking. Last time we’d walked into town Mick had suggested maybe the pavements should become one way, everyone sticking to the left footpath (where two are available) to help with social distancing. We kept to the left, occasionally having to swerve into the road to avoid others.

Once in town we split up for a two pronged shopping attack. Whilst I headed to Morrisons for the majority of the shopping (single shoppers only), Mick went to pick up our meat order and then to Holland and Barrett.

I joined the queue at Morrisons, barriers snaking the line back and forth. I can’t help but people watch, some people just don’t get social distancing. There were a couple of young ladies who seemed to be together. One lady was fidgety as she smoked, swaying back and forth in the line. The gap between them and the old chap they chatted to infront varied between 3ft and 5ft, nowhere near 2m (sorry for mixing units). The chap didn’t seem bothered by it even though he had said to them that he wasn’t meant to leave home, being over 70, but he was now coming out more than ever!

Joining the snaking queue at Morrisons

Then there was the chap who leant on his trolley, smoking his roll up. A bit of tobacco straggling out the end was picked out, he then took another drag. Fingers, mouth. He may think he’d not touched the trolley with his fingers, but he had. Once his fag was finished he put on a pair of gloves for protection!

We wear gloves when shopping, mostly to remind ourselves not to touch our faces. There is still a need to wash your hands and disinfect things you touch, they just help to keep us aware until the next sink is within sight.

Holland and Barrett were closed today so Mick arrived before I’d got into Morrisons. We conferred across the queue, Mick headed to join the queue for Aldi. This meant that should there be things missing in Morrisons he could hopefully pick them up across the road.

I finally got into the store and was handed some disinfectant on a papertowel. Was this to clean my hands? The trolley? Both got a wipe and I started.

Look at all that!!

Stocks were pretty good, only expensive eggs though. The trolley quickly filled up. Our two pronged attack worked, a phone call before Mick had reached the check out and he got eggs and tinned tomatoes. A few other things were missing, but nothing that meant we’d starve. Sadly it looked like we’d be running out of space in bags and on the bike, so no easter eggs! Instead a couple of bags of mini eggs which would fit round other things in bags.

I elected to use a self scan conveyor. Less contact with the shop staff until you realise the cabbage you picked up doesn’t have a barcode! I could sort my shopping as I scanned without pressure. Fridge bag as normal and a bag we’d not need to touch for at least three days, this one can stay outside without being disinfected. All good.

Back at Oleanna the new system of disinfecting things was carried out and the spare items stowed in the cratch, so we wouldn’t have to squeeze past them in the coming days. Hopefully this will be the last time we’ll have to visit a supermarket for a few weeks. We have secured two deliveries over the next three weeks and will place an order with Clem’s the greengrocer from the market, maybe have a meat order delivered too.

Mixed and ready to rise
Cranberries, apples and spices

As Mick moved us along to the winding hole I made a start on the very important job of making Hot Paw Buns. I mixed up the sticky dough as we crossed the aqueduct, pausing alongside NB Mountbatten to buy some kindling. A quick shower before we arrived back at the water point and then the fruit and spices were added to the dough and left to rise a second time as we pootled our way back towards Hurleston.

Pausing mid cut for kindling

We’d made a note of a mooring we fancied trying where the towpath is quite wide closer to the junction.

Not bad!

Here gives us the option to sit out at a good distance from anyone on the towpath. Tilly gave it the once over, checking out the freshly ploughed shore based facilities. This would do, she got so distracted that when she finally came home for dingding she’d forgotten to go, so the only option left was her pooh box!

Long shadows

The Hot Paw Buns with their special filling were ready for us to sample for pudding whilst they were still warm. The marzipan paw print had gone slightly dark in the oven, but was still very very tasty.

Paw prints in marzipan for the final rise
Baked, glazed and ready to eat

This evening we joined in with the 8pm applause for all those who are looking after us, NHS, farmers, shop workers, carers, lorry drivers. People waved from the top of the reservoir, other boat horns could be heard and applause too in the distance. This week the wardrobe department from the ENO have been busy in their homes making scrubs for the NHS Link. Sarah the first lady in the time lapse was at college with me. I believe there are more wardrobe departments and props makers using their skills across the country doing this too.

Where does this go?

0 locks, 5.18 miles, 2 winds, 2 straights, 2 pronged attack, 1 chicken, 1 pork pie, 9 sausages nicely defrosted, 0 market stall, 0 Holland and Barrett on Thursdays, 2 supermarkets, 2 queues, 4 boxes wine, 1 Indian, 4 bars chocolate, 1 loaf, 1 sad gits mince, 1 full water tank, 4th mooring with a garden, 1 pooh field, 8pm BEEP BEEP!

Thursday 9th April photo

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