BUMingham! 4th January

The Giraffe to Ooozells

Guide Dog Oakley-Retired calls this outside Bumingham. I feel it needs a touch more BUM in it’s name than he gave it.

I’ve been patient with this outside, but it just hasn’t improved. So this morning Tom suggested changing it to an Oozells one. Well that sounded better, Ooooozells better, anywhere would be better.

Whilst She sat mumbling under her breath at the computer Tom got us ready to let the outside go. Unusually he decided this one needed backing away from, carefully. It didn’t take him long to pull in and catch one again, the usual conversation of ‘Inny……Straight……Outie’ went on between the two of them, then She came inside and gave me the rules.

That side looked interesting

She said I wouldn’t like it. What did she know!


This side didn’t

Where are the sideways trees?


Brick walls can’t be climbed.

Oooo! What’s in there?

Interesting bits blocked off.

Well I won’t get to find out!

She was right! This outside is Oooozles more BUMingham!

My tail hasn’t got the message yet about BUMingham!

I came back inside, pulled my best sad face and got some REALLY good ‘Thank you for coming home’ treats. The rest of the day became one very long cat nap.

0 locks, 0.14 miles most backwards, 1 left, 1 big wall, 0 trees, 0 sideways trees, 0 friends, 0 point!

4 thoughts on “BUMingham! 4th January

  1. Dave (Scouts)

    Oh dear Tilly. Hopefully they will move the outside soon and it will get better.
    I would offer you a holiday with us but not sure how you would cope on a train back to Oxford nor whether you would get on with Smudge (our cat), or Smudge get on with you.
    We do have trees, although not as many now houses have been built on the fields behind us, and we do have Dreamies and a nice cardboard box for you to curl up in.



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