Taking Our Time Getting Ready. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th January

Crick Marina to Cracks Hill to Crick Wharf to Crick Marina

As you can see we’ve spent the last few days moving, well a bit! We’ve been getting ourselves ready for cruising.

Cracks Hill

On Wednesday we moved out to Cracks Hill, here Tilly could have a bit more carefree time ashore and we could send emails to the now post festive period working world that was waking up again. With these things done we booked delivery slots with both Ocado and Sainsburys and then started to fill our baskets with supplies.

Upside down re-numbering

Thursday we winded after a slow start and headed into Crick Marina late morning. We’d been hoping to see a coal boat to stock up, but only NB Callisto had passed and despite having been sent a text message, he didn’t seem interested in selling anything as the boats sheets were up and he passed the moored boats with his back to us all. So Crick Marina got our trade instead. The diesel tank was filled up and 5 bags of Excel were loaded onto Oleanna’s roof before we headed back out onto the cut.

No chilled medication as they were closed

Crick Wharf was empty so we pulled in tying Oleanna as close to the bridge in front of The Moorings as the rings and bollards would allow. This left plenty of space at the water point for any passing boats. The Moorings has been closed for a festive break and not due to reopen until next week, so we wouldn’t be in their way. Patchy internet was worked round and we added and amended our shopping until the last minute. The washing machine was set to work to try to empty the dirty linen drawer whilst close to a water point.

Michael's vanThe nicest GF bread I've found

Friday morning came and we were ready for our first delivery. We’d decided to use both Ocado and Sainsburys this time. Jaq from NB Valerie had pointed me in the direction of a different brand of gluten free all purpose flour, more expensive than the regularly available Doves Farm, but better for baking, so I thought I’d give it a try. Ocado stock it but Sainsburys doesn’t. So most of our shopping arrived with Michael in his Green Apple van shortly before 10am. This took some stowing, filling up much of the cupboards, fridge and space under the back steps. The freezer needed a bit of sorting out so that I could fit a chicken into it once it had been jointed. Most things were now stocked up, apart from the wine cellar!

More washing was done, Tilly had her pooh box refreshed, we had our pooh bucket refreshed and even some of the cupboards had a freshen up with a touch of polish before my head suggested I should have a sit down. Mick managed to make a phone call, using the wi-fi at The Moorings, following up an email we’d sent. This was received positively, our purpose for cruising northwards now confirmed. We’ve been in winter mode since part way through the summer due to my work, so we’re both quite excited about moving again and travelling some distances. Here’s hoping the weather plays ball!

The wine van

Part way through the afternoon a green pepper van arrived from Sainsburys. A much smaller shop, mostly consisting of boxes of wine strangely enough. Even though we had to pay £4 for the delivery this was saved on one box of wine compared to the price at Ocado and Mick got some cheese twists too, so he’s a happy man.

New year, new socksGirl socksBoy socksDuring the afternoon my new socks were modelled by the two of us for photos. Father Christmas had commissioned me to knit these for our stockings with different wool than I’ve been using. A touch more expensive, but that can be felt in their softness. Even Mick unprovoked said how nice they were. So once the internet signal is improved I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop, bespoke socks knitted to order.

Saturday and Tilly had cabin fever. After a cooked breakfast we emptied the yellow water tank, topped up the fresh water tank, disposed of the last bits of rubbish and then winded. Back up to near the marina entrance to moor for the day, there was still one thing we wanted to do before setting off.

MY towpath! NO woofers allowed

Tilly spent much of the day coming and going, standing up against the woofers out for a nice walk on the towpath. Mick climbed down into the engine bay to give Oleanna some TLC with an oil change and a new filter. I walked into the village for the first time since we arrived to find some lighter gas for our kerchunk kerchunks that we use to light candles and the fire with. Today is the first day since my migraine that I have felt normal again. So I wanted to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Thank you for the suggestion from Don regarding red wine helping to combat migraines. Sadly it’s been a few years since I could drink wine of the red variety as it didn’t agree with me about four years ago. But the same active ingredient is present in blueberries and chocolate. We tend to have blueberries most days at breakfast, but had run out, I just can’t have been consuming enough chocolate to make up for it!

Christmas HamperAll contained until next DecemberDuring the afternoon we de-christmassed the boat. All the lights wrapped back up and boxed, baubles and silver ribbon put back in the Christmas Hamper for another year. The top shelf in the front cupboard lowered so as to store the hamper again. I was commended for my good behaviour with the deaf things. I’d managed to leave them all alone, not one of them managed to reach the floor. I got special Christmas stocking Dreamies for my achievement. She put them all away in a big box, that wasn’t right, I needed to sit in the big box not those deaf little balls!

The last thing for us to do in Crick was to catch up with our friend Lizzie. We’d missed out on a New Years meal at The Red Lion with her, so this evening we met up and had a belated New Years meal. All three of us enjoyed one of their steaks with proper chips followed by puddings and accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine. We toasted in the new year and caught up on each others news a lovely way to spend our last evening in Crick for a while.

0 locks, 1.54 miles, 2 winds, 1 big headache, 3 moorings, 4 loads washing, 2 vans, 5th season of Luther, 4 woofers seen off, 0 Roger still, 3 ribeyes, 6 glasses of wine, 5 days late New Year, 1 clean pooh bucket, 1 clean pooh box, 1 empty wee tank, 1 full water tank, 1 full diesel tank, 8.5 bags coal, 6 boxes, 500g Jaq flour, 9 litres oil, 1 filter, 1 boat ready and chomping at the bit to cruise.