Dense Cover. 25th September

Basin Bridge, Chesterfield Canal

In our original plan, when we’d decided to head back up to Yorkshire via the Trent, we’d thought of cruising the length of the Chesterfield Canal. This was put into our schedule and we’d have had sufficient time to reach the top. However a few weeks ago due to low water levels the magical flight of locks above Shireoaks was closed. This meant there was little point in heading along the canal if we couldn’t do it all. Our mooring plans for the PS Waverley were changed from the Retford and Worksop Boat Club at Clayworth to Lincoln and the rest is now history. At least Oleanna has dabbled her bow onto the Chesterfield, but sadly this time we’ll be going no further.

Do I have to eat that? Oh dear, what a shame!

The tides to head further north to Keadby were not suitable, too early in the day for Lock Keepers to be on duty, so we had a day of staying put, well almost.

Tilly was given 9 hours shore leave and then proceeded to have her morning kip. The sun came out and we had a cooked breakfast. I then got various things together for a panto Production Meeting. Just over an hour of logistics, what’s happening with this that and the other. Two new faces on the zoom Mariana and Anna, the Assistant Director and Deputy Stage Manager. Next time we all meet it will be read through day!

As Tilly explored the very dense friendly cover outside I had a go at creating the songsheet for Panto on Paintshop. Some things worked very well, others went a touch array. I’ll be doing the basic artwork the old fashioned way and then scanning to add the words ready for printing.

Are these the right settings?

At around 3:30 we’d kind of run out of things to occupy us, time to see if we could curtail Tilly’s shore leave. Mick sat out the back waiting to see if he could attract her attention. No cat to be seen. I headed out the back and called.

Hello! I’m here! Where? Here! I couldn’t see her anywhere, but thankfully when she’s not being busy, she will quite happily chat to me as she makes her way back. Her bell also helps in locating her.

We chatted away for an age, Meow! minow Meow!! I could just make out the route she was taking to get back to the towpath with the cover moving about, but no sign of a black and white cat until she finally appeared from the dense mass!

Reversing back to the basin

With all three of us onboard it was time to reverse all of the 0.1 miles back to West Stockwith Basin to moor for the night. Our departure from the lock would be early tomorrow and we didn’t want to wake the neighbours. Back we went and pulled in on the two day mooring. Earlier on Mick had been to chat to the Lockie, he’d be there to penn us down at 7am. It was now time to check in with our Trent buddies.

That’s the way we’ll be going tomorrow

Jo was sat out on the back of NB That’s It, we shared Johnsons Hillocks and Wigan flights with them earlier in the year. They’ve been thwarted this way and that over the summer, stuck behind the Burscough breach on the Leeds Liverpool this meant they missed their passage through Standedge Tunnel. Then when more than half way up the Wigan flight a cill blew at a lock ahead of them meaning they had to retrace their steps, 10 hours hard labour to get back to where they’d started! The Trent was the only option left. It was good to chat with Jo, Brian was off doing a car shuffle.

Bottle lanterns

Then Les and Clive from NB Christopher B walked past, the third of the boats heading to Keadby tomorrow. It had been decided that as we don’t mind being out on our own that we’d lead the flotilla and lock down on our own at 7:00 to be followed by NB That’s It and NB Christopher B in the second lock at 7:15. That way if any of us had a problem help would either be close by or following. Phone numbers were exchanged between all three boats.

Mick did the checks and shortly before bedtime we emptied the welldeck ready for an early start in the morning.

0 locks, 0.1 miles in reverse, 1 empty wee tank, 1/3 of a water tank, 9 zooming, 1 attempt at the songsheet, 1 better idea using paint and card, 1 hidden Tilly, 1 jungle in the shower, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of Approval.

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