Back To Work. 20th September

Brayford Pool

With the forecast so abysmal we wouldn’t be going anywhere today. It actually didn’t live up to all the hype. We did have rain, we had some blustery wind too, but we’d been expecting far far worse.

Simple section

After yesterdays sight seeing it was a good day to do some work and spend the day sitting down. Yesterday I’d had a catch up chat with Jo the props maker for panto, I now needed to do some sketches of a prop she is making after gleaming more info from the director as to what he would like it to do. Jo will only be with us one day a week during early rehearsals so doing alterations won’t be possible overnight, so we all need to be on the same wave length now. Sketches and a storyboard were done, photographed to send to Jo, to make sure I’d covered everything we’d talked about and managed to tick things off John’s request list.

These will fit in the gaps…please!

With the thumbs up on the set print front, Gemma and I also had a phone conversation to go back over all the elements we are wanting to get printed. A few quotes needed adjusting due to additions or wrong dimensions having been given. With all the details correct she was now able to issue an order for the cloths and portals. I then needed to pack up the model pieces to be posted to Prompt Side. Notes were written on the backs of model pieces. Extra leaves were stuck to paper so that they could be slotted into gaps in the print so as to make use of any spare canvas. This all took far longer than expected, the model was as clean as I could get it, plans were printed out and everything packed into a big envelope ready to go tomorrow. I just have to learn Photoshop now.

What are these for?!

Mick braved the weather and headed to Morrisions to do a shop that would hopefully last us until we get off tidal waters next week. The bike went with him as a sherpa. Fridge and cupboards restocked and a few more boxes of wine added to the cellar.

A few phone calls were made to Lock Keepers to book our passage along the tidal Trent. Hopefully the winds will have calmed down before our planned passage.

Puppet v trees

After tea I put together an email regarding the complicated prop for panto for John’s approval. Hopefully he’ll like it then Jo will be able to crack on with making it.

A full day of work.

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 tourist attractions, 346295 students being noisy again, 1 box sorted, 4 model pieces packed ready to go, 8 hours, 3 boxes wine, 100 woofer poo bags!!! 0 woofers on this boat! 1 passage , 1 familiar buddy boat.