Everything’s Going Backwards. 23rd June

Almost Napton water point to Napton Visitor Moorings

An engine at 6:30am! Who , what , where ? One of the boats on the permanent moorings ran it’s engine for half an hour, then thankfully peace returned, well for twenty minutes, then he started his engine up again! We were awake now, so had a cuppa.

Can I????

Soon the two boats that had been filling the moorings with gaps came past, ah ha! We got dressed, untied and set about reversing back to the now wonderfully large gap they’d left, big enough for three maybe even four boats. Oleanna decided that she’d rather stick close to the moored boats as she went backwards, thankfully there were signs of awakeness in most boats. We pulled in and tied up as close to the boat in front as we could, don’t want to be accused of leaving git gaps! Of course over the next couple of hours other boats moved away and we were left sat in the middle of a very big space, enough for two in front and two behind at least. By late morning all spaces were filled up. Then for the remainder of the day boats came past some forwards others backwards hoping for a mooring, by the evening there were three boats moored at various jaunty angles around the bend where we’d been last night. Napton is a popular place!

I’ve been waiting for one of these

Having a morning not really going anywhere we decided to use Mick’s culinary skills for the first time in an age. A very nice breakfast it was too, the sausages, Jolly Hogg tasted very much like sausages used to.

A day at work for me, the drawing board came out and Mick struggled to find somewhere to be as I worked my way to the bottom of the box of model bits. By late afternoon one box was empty the other full. I’ve still ground plans to draw up and a few minor alterations to do on the model if there is time before my meeting next week.

Mick has been monitoring our battery charging current, well he’s been doing this just about all the time we’ve been on Oleanna, but he’s recently noticed that on starting the engine in the morning the initial charging current is about 40 amps. Up until last week it always started off around 65 to 70 amps. Time to investigate.

He disconnected all the batteries and tested the voltage of each in turn. Two of them measured exactly 26.01v but the other one measured between 15 and 20 volts and didn’t remain steady at all. His deduction is that that battery is broken. I’m feeling that BOAT (Bring Out Another Thousand) is rearing it’s head!

This doesn’t look good

An email has been sent to Ricky at Finesse for advice. Does he think the battery will still be under warranty and could be replaced by RELiON? If they did happen to replace it would it be ok to have one new battery in the same bank with two 6 year old batteries? Or does he have any ideas on how to reset the battery and get it working again?

Mick found information on line regarding the warranty, because our battery is between 6 and 10 years old , if it can’t be mended than we would receive a 10% discount off a new one. However Mick would choose different batteries now should we need to replace them, things have moved on in the last six years.

Yesterday a C&RT stoppage notice came through for Banbury Lock. Navigation closed until further notice due to concerns for structural condition of top gate of lock 29.

Today an update, Navigation remains closed until further notice. Following the engineers condition assessment of the gate assisted passage is not a viable option. We are working to deliver the repair of this damaged lock in the shortest possible timeframe. Further updates to follow Wednesday 28/06/2023.

Hmm, our next port of call is Banbury or further south for me to get to Chippy for a meeting, then our destination is further south still. Should we stick to our chosen route and hope that the lock won’t take too long to mend, or should we wind and go down the Grand Union? The latter option isn’t that appealing and would make getting to panto meetings awkward. So we’ll stick to our plan and keep our fingers crossed.

The lady

This evening we headed to The Folly, well it would have been rude not to as we are moored at the bottom of their garden! Time to catch up with our friend Lizzie from Crick. Have to say the menu was a touch disappointing for me, only two things marked as gluten free. I chose the gammon horseshoe steak, which should be gluten free, maybe the accompanying chips get fried in the same fryer as their battered fish. However they’d sold out of gammon so I opted for some ham instead, this also wasn’t marked as gf, it must be the chips! Mick and Lizzie opted for burgers which looked great compared to my slices of ham. We were all quite naughty and had a pudding too, only one option for me Chocolate Brownie, which was very tasty.

It was lovely to spend the evening with Lizzie, catching up on news. Sadly she’s not had enough time to do much boating on NB Panda, but she’s hoping for a few days away soon. So a walk down the towpath to say hello to Oleanna and Tilly gave her a bit of a canal fix.

Mick, Pip and Lizzie

0 locks, 0.1mile in reverse, 1 day at the drawing board, 11.5 sheets of drawings, 1 cat occupied or asleep, 1 out of 3 batteries not well, 1 load washing, 1 lovely evening, 2 options, 2 beers, 2 glasses wine, 2 burgers, 3 slices ham, 2 eggs.


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  1. Ade

    Grand looking breakfast that Mick top marks! Hope the journey south will be ok!

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