Double Arches. 10th June

Tyrley Visitor Moorings to Cowley Double Road Bridge 31

One boat passed

Last to leave this morning, we followed on behind a while later. A short distance ahead Woodseaves Cutting, narrow and prone to land slips. You need to keep your speed down and enjoy being below masses of trees all clinging on for dear life. Last time we came along here it was March, it’s a very very different place in June. The large boulders that had sat on the towpath three years ago have been moved, somehow!

High bridges and sooo much green

It’s magical down in the depths of what feels like a rainforest, all the time you just hope no one will be coming in the opposite direction. The two boats we did meet we met at places where thankfully there was space to pass.

The Shropie was built with its locks in flights, then the canal maintains it’s height through cuttings and embankments. Mick enjoyed the views on the embankments and then the cool shade from the cuttings whilst I did my best not to get too distracted below and carry on with model making.

Subtle differences

It took quite a while to get a new version of the Town Square clock made, then I could move onto Cinderella’s house. Several scenes meld into one, so a hallway has to transform into a boudoir into a very lonely place. Sadly the archways I’d already cut out just didn’t do the job so a new set were drawn out on paper before being offered up in my model box.

I bobbed back up top as we came past Shebdon where NB Percy sits on her new mooring, one day we’ll get to meet Nev. A nice mooring with views.

Chatting away

A chap stood in a bridge hole chatting away to people on the offside. As Oleanna came through the bridge a lady shouted out ‘How did your panto go?’ It was Ann from NB Caspar whom we’d met last summer in St Ives (not the one in Cornwall) on the Great Ouse. We managed a short chat as we passed by then pulled in close to Anchor Bridge for some lunch.

Grub Street soon followed, another excuse to be up top. Was the lovely car still there? Yes. Could I take a slightly different photo of High Bridge with it’s telegraph pole? Not really. In amongst the friendly cover there was a shelter made from branches, the tarpaulin slipped under the weight of falling debris making it not that water proof.

Norbury Junction looking soo summery

At Norbury Junction we pulled in so that Mick could visit the chandlery whilst we topped up on water. At last we had a float switch! That will keep Mick busy on a day when we’re not moving.

Just a small section of the mooring

More work, more excuses to look out of the hatch at Gnosall. We passed an oncoming boat in the narrow section whilst passing the mooring with Soo much stuff that entertains the eye as you pass.

Improved Town Square

We were now on the look out for a suitable mooring possibly for a barbeque this evening. We soon found one between bridges 31 and 30. Here we could get in to the side, a wide towpath, the long grass having been flattened by previous boaters. Perfect.

Well until you looked up at the sky! The wind was picking up and dark dark clouds were coming overhead. Maybe they’d just pass us by, I made some burgers and rested them in the fridge just as the heavens opened, we’d be cooking them inside tonight. The rain didn’t bother Tilly too much, but she soon returned home after some loud claps of thunder.

0 locks, 13.1 miles, 1 straight on, 2 many distractions, 1 clock, 2 arches, 1 hot humid day, 1 Great Ouse boat, 1 blogging boat, 1 busy pub, 2 wet for a barbeque, 1 soggy moggy.