FOUR! FORE! 29th May

Bridge 61

Getting a little ahead of ourselves was intentional, so that I could have a day to concentrate on work. Not needing to totally take over the dinette table yet meant that Mick didn’t have to leave the boat.

Get Up!!!

Tilly was given nine hours, a sausage day and set off making the most of it, but then realised she still required a morning snooze which stretched half way into the afternoon!

Mick did head off for a few supplies to Tesco Extra, quite a walk away. He returned with most things to keep us going down the flight, no time to make cruising sausage rolls this time, maybe I should stock up on ingredients!

Anyone for a round of golf?

The golfers across the way started fairly early. FORE! being shouted at the top of their voices, we are close to a tee.

I concentrated on four versions of panto, which then ended up with two versions have sketches complete for a full storyboard. Images were then scanned and put into order in a word document. I still need to add notes before I share them with the director.

Storyboard time

Mick donned his overalls and climbed into the engine bay. The bilge pump has stopped coming on automatically. It can be turned on manually, but that’s not ideal. A new float switch will be ordered for pick up from Midland Chandlers.

By 6pm I needed to stretch my legs and get some sunshine. A square walk saw me head down hill through Lady Mabel Wood, then down a road to turn North West along another road which hugged the side of the River Douglas (the river you leave Tarleton on for the Ribble Link). Then back uphill past some big houses back to the towpath. A good 2miles done.

Boats have come past all day. Three heading towards the locks, one returned a few hours later and moored up behind us. The widebeam hire boat from Silsden also came past, but returned. Later on in the day we got the days uphill boats. Final arrangements for meeting NB That’s It have been made for the morning. It looks like there may be a queue to go down the flight.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 walks, 16 sketches, 9 hours! 1 long 40 minutes snooze, 1 float switch required, 1 pooh box refreshed, 1 toe of a size 10 cast on.