10 Pairs!


So I launched my Sockathon 3 days ago.

I now have 10 pairs of socks to knit during April.

I’ve overtaken 2022 fundraising.

I’m 55% of my target.

That could fund 1 specialist dementia nurse to run a full day of face-to-face appointments for families affected by young onset dementia.

Plus it could pay for a specialist dementia nurse to support 4 families in virtual clinic sessions so that they can better support the person they care for.

I have 2 Indie dyers who have pledged to send me yarn.

1 friend who’s mum was a demon sock knitter who is also donating yarn.

2 many families having to cope.

I am 1 very grateful boater.

10 fingers limbering up.

April 2023 is going to be very busy for me! Here’s hoping a script doesn’t turn up before the end of the month.


2 thoughts on “10 Pairs!

    1. Pip Post author

      That’s very good of you Joa. But I’m still going to aim to knit you some. They would be a good warm up pair.

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