Zig Zagging Forever. 19th January


Ice covered the canal this morning. Jack Frost had been to visit. Would the ice stay around? Or would it melt?

Ice, not thick, but ice

Mick sat out the stern waiting or the sight of a Sainsburys van. From our mooring you can see traffic on the main road and he spied an orange van heading out from Derby, would it be for us? It was. He walked down to greet the driver waving our orange bags in the air. We’re now stocked up with food for the next week.

Food and wine

Next the coal situation needed to be improved. Mick took the bike and headed off to Shardlow Marina to see if he could get a bag on the bike. The chap from the boat behind us had offered to give Mick a lift in his car, but Mick managed a bag at a time, only two bags required to keep us going.

Coal man

Meanwhile I wanted to make use of still being hooked up. A new 3XL overall was pulled out from the bag of costumes. An existing costume was pulled out to compare measurements with. One of our actors is more like a 4XL so extra side panels are needed, a sturdier zip and the new overalls would be a spare pair just in case! I worked out what to add, what to shorten, the offcuts from the legs coming in useful.

18cm down from yesterday

At lunchtime an email arrived in our inboxes. The Upper Trent!

‘Update on 19/01/2023:’

‘Water levels have started to come down, and we have been able to open Cranfleet Flood Gates. Boaters can now travel along the navigation.’

Hooray!!!! Should we make a move straight away or wait for tomorrow? The ice around us was gradually melting, enough so that Tilly had been allowed shore leave again. How would it be for reversing in? Having power for the rest of the day would be handy for sewing. We decided to stay put and plan our moves for the next week.

Then things started to go wrong. First Tilly ran out of green Dreamies, she noticed the colour change! Then I tacked a panel in the overalls on the wrong side. Tilly decided to give the mince I was defrosting a good sniff on the kitchen counter that is a NO GO area for felines to make up for the lack of green Dreamies!

I lifted my sewing machine up off the floor onto the dinette seating so no one would walk into it. Tilly decided to have a mad ten minutes charging around everywhere. This unsettled my sewing machine which fell to the floor!

Oh Bu**er! The light still worked. Where was the reel holder thing? That was found. I put a chilli together so that the mince would be well away from Tilly’s sniffing nose. Then sat down to look further at my sewing machine.

The stitch selector seemed wonky. I tried turning it. It wouldn’t shift. I tried straightening it up. It came off in my hand! What stitch was the machine set to? If straight I could carry on. The dial had been between stitches when it broke off. I tried the needle. It was moving from side to side! But I don’t want to zigzag for the rest of my life!!!

That dial should be where the black hole is!

Mick tried having a look at it. A connecting thing had sheared off on the selector, no chance of putting it back on. Could we turn what was behind the dial without it. No. I found a new part, but we need the bit that has sheared off to be removed to replace it. No sewing for me for a while!

Thankfully I was working on a spare overall, the adjustments to the ladies overalls were finished, so the spare can wait a week or so. I just need to add three little things to the existing pair so that braces can be attached inside.


Tomorrow we hope the ice will have receded. Fingers and paws crossed.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 delivery, 4 boxes wine, 2 bags coal, 2 bike loads, 1 icy canal, 2 gates open! 1 river open! 3XL taken to bits, 3XL tacked back together, 1 hand, 1 knob, (now then!), 1 broken machine, 1 cat in the dog house, 1 plan coming together, 2 boaters 1cat getting ready to make a move!