The Last Show. 15th January


2.32 m Slowly going down 4cm

This mornings Geraghty Zoom covered subjects such as mobile scooter drum kits and heating the front garden.

Today we had a visit from Tracy who runs the moorings. She wanted to see if we knew what our plans were and check we were aware of how much electricity we were using. Well we’d guessed it would be quite a bit, the washing machine has been working and we’ve not run the engine for two weeks other than to check the alternator. So 100 units wasn’t too much of a surprise and at current costs it works out to £2.50 a day. We’d use a little bit more than that in diesel if we were charging the batteries with the engine every day, just a shame we’re not moving whilst doing it! We’re hoping to move off just as soon as river levels are safe, hopefully later this week.

I found where the extra miles on Canalplan had come from, two Barford Mills I think. One on the Great Ouse, the other on the Avon. I’d also taken Oleanna on a trip down towards Stratford basin via Lapworth Bottom Lock. All sorted now. A third more miles than we did last year, but fewer locks.

Steak Pie will never be the same

Panto now seems a life time ago, but for the acting company they have been playing two shows a day. This afternoon was their last performance, their 97th! Here’s a montage of Instagram posts The Theatre Chipping Norton has put together from the actors accounts. These posts have kept me amused over the last few weeks.

Well done to all the cast and crew. I think only two or three shows had to be cancelled due to actors being ill, the understudies certainly had to earn their money, one having to play three different roles one after the other and two staff members went on with scripts in hand when they ran out of understudies!

Slumped and sulking Contessa

This evening the Pippins will have amused everyone with their Pippin Panto. The smallest Pippin getting to wear the biggest costume, the Contessa’s huge pink frock, all four foot of her. I so hope the crew get tomorrow off before the set starts to get dismantled. Within the week there will be little sign panto was ever there and the stage floor will have a nice new fresh coat of black paint.

Bye bye x

0 locks, 0 miles, 100 units, 300 miles lost, 100 locks not worked, 1 chicken and feta tray bake, 8 fingers crossed, 2 paws crossed, 4ft nothing in a colossal dress, 50th Chippy Panto behind you, oh yes it is!

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