Tissue Audit. 30th November

Old Newbold Loop to Ansty Waste Bridge 12 (removed)

Last Sunday as my cold started to wane, Mick was starting to show signs that I had passed it on to him. By this morning a tissue audit was required, we’d be needing more! Before he had breakfast the bike was pulled out from it’s slot and Mick cycled back to Newbold to the Co-op to stock up. By the end of the day tissue usage was in full flow as was his nose!

She’s happy to be moving again

As we had breakfast a number checker came past. Mick wondered when we’d last been spotted? Was it in Rugby, Coventry? Would the records show Oleanna had moved far enough in the last few weeks, or would the records just show her around Rugby? This years sightings would be interesting to see as we’ve spent so much time off C&RT waters.

Pushing away

Last week we had a reminder regarding our gold licence. These are only available from January to the end of December, but there was suggestion that we could trade our gold licence in for any unused months. We weren’t aware that you could do that. Mick filled out the forms for a months refund, mention of a £30 admin fee he thought wouldn’t affect us, but we should get a refund of around £20 once a standard licence for December had been processed, that would pay for our Christmas Ham. Next year we’ll be returning to a Canal and River Licence, we’re not sure where we’ll be cruising yet, but we’re unlikely to be on EA waters for long enough to warrant a Gold licence for a year or two.

Diesel £1.44 today at Armada

Time to move onwards, northwards. Quite often when we are on this stretch I am below making use of the flatness to do work, so the landscape isn’t too familiar to me. Cuttings, wide bends, the railway close by, bridges over the old course of the canal, trees and muddy towpaths. Having been in Chippy for so long I’ve missed the towpath transition from bone dry to muddy.

The autumn colours are falling, blasts of reverse required every now and again to clear the prop. We rounded the big bend passing the farm we often moor opposite where the towpath is very narrow.

There was space at All Oaks Wood, but we wanted to get further today even if it was a good place for Tilly.

Oxford Bridges

Approaching Stretton Stop Mick slowed Oleanna right down as we passed under the railway bridge so that I could step off and walk up to open the bridge for us. I wanted to see how light weight the new bridge was. Amongst the few boats moored before the bridge was one familiar one. NB Chuffed.

Hello Chuffed

Chuffed was sold a year or so ago, Debby, Dave and Meg now owners of NB Bonjour. No-one was on board. This is either where she moors now or she is sitting waiting her turn for a re-paint. Unless she keeps her two tone grey and red livery she’ll become less recognisable. I said hello as I walked past heading towards the bridge that was crossed by a couple of chaps who turned round and gave it a big shove to open it for us. They were happy for me to leave it open, their wobbly bendy pole at hand to pull the bridge back across. I still don’t know from first hand how easily the bridge now moves.

We must be invisible!

I hobbled back onto Oleanna, our slow pace having to reduce even more as a boat that had been on the water point decided to pull out right in front of us! Not even a full boats length in front, they couldn’t say they hadn’t seen us!

We followed behind them past the moored craft on both sides, their speed meaning that they pulled away, our speed meaning we got complimented for it by a moorer.

The new route of the Oxford Canal now avoids all the big loops that it once used to follow coming in towards Ansty. The leaking bridge (14) wasn’t leaking today. Up on the road there were cones, flashing lights, was the problem being sorted? We hope so.


Onwards now just that bit further, would the next mooring be available? Under the M69 round a bend, there was the length of armco we’d been hoping for. We were rather chilly by now, Tilly being the only one being able to enjoy the heat from the stove, it was time for us to swap over.

Our nearest neighbours

Two and a half hours, would I be able to use all the time? Blimey YES!! It went by so quickly despite the number of woofers that came past. She called for me at 4pm, I came running. Sadly the penny dropped that my time was up just as She put her hand around my middle to assist me in through the hatch. No matter how much I protested for the next few hours I would not be allowed to finish off what I’d started, here’s hoping it can wait for the morning.

0 locks, WE 8.18 miles, Pip’s Nebo 8.4 miles, Mick’s Nebo 7.2 miles (started late), MM 8.07 miles, 1 swing bridge swung, 1 box tissues, 1 wave to Chuffed, 1 aching leg, 1 chilly day, 1 extra layer not enough, 4 small spud in the stove, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of approval.


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3 thoughts on “Tissue Audit. 30th November

  1. Dave (Scouts)

    Nice photo of Hector there with Jack behind. Think we’ll be hiring from Armada again as they were really good and with the Ashby extension opening up worth going that way again.

  2. Debby

    Hello Pip and Mick, how lovely to see Chuffed again! They are indeed in for a repaint and I think Ross and Amanda will be elsewhere at the time. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen though. They aren’t changing the livery too drastically as far as we know, though it will not be quite the same. It certainly needs a paint job, that’s for sure! Best wishes for your poorly calf. Tedious business, especially not being able to do locks!
    All the best, Debby, Dave and Meg (sorry Tilly)

    1. Pip Post author

      Hi Debby, there was certainly no-one on board as I walked past. She did look like she was sat waiting for her turn.
      Thank you for the calf wishes, Tilly does say that I’m gentler at the helm going into locks than Tom is!

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