Tracking Comparisons. 26th November

Avon Aqueduct to Newbold Visitor Moorings

A chores day. Time to top up with water, dispose of rubbish and stock up the cupboards, time to move the boat!

Before we set off I set Water Explorer (on our trip computer) and Nebo (on my phone) going. Mick also tracked our journey using Waterway Routes on Memory Map on an old phone we have out the back for navigational purposes, this also acts as a back up should someone forget to turn the power on to the trip computer! Yes that would be me!

Moored to go to Tescos

We pootled back up to Brownsover where the water point and the moorings either side of it were empty and pulled in to fill the water tank. Tilly’s pooh box got a good clean out, and was soon christened by her. Once we’d filled and emptied we pushed over to the other side of the canal and moored up on the last ring, the nearest mooring to Tescos. Nebo and Water Explorer were both stopped at this point.

With bags in hand we walked down the hill to do a reasonable sized shop. The entrance from the path into the car park was an absolute disgrace, two skips over flowed with rubbish strewn across the parking bays. Why are humans so disrespectful of each other and themselves?

Following along the embankment

Back at Oleanna things went in the fridge, but everything else could wait. Trip computer and phones were clicked on again to track our next journey. We had to wait for quite a while as a boat passed extreamly slowly, most probably something around their prop as they didn’t speed up that much once they’d passed us.

On we pootled remembering our first time along the high embankment on NB Lillyanne when you could moor along the next stretch which now over looks the not so new Elliott’s Field retail park. Back then mooring was awkward, a big hop down off the bow of Lillian and the angled banks not helping.

Getting close to where the old canal used to cross the new straightened canal, a young lady advised us that there was a magnet stuck on the canal bed and we’d need to pass it on the off side. Mick offered to see if he could lend a hand in pulling it up.

The long line of red headed right across the canal. With the engine out of gear Mick caught the line with our boat hook and tried pulling upwards hoping that a different angle might work. It stayed stuck to whatever it was hooked up on, as we carried on drifting past the hook stayed around the line and pulled out of Micks grip. Our favourite, gifted from the Southern Waterways hook was now slowly sinking into the canal.

The youngsters attaching their second line to the bridge, which of course won’t stop it from getting stuck at the bottom of the canal.

Another magnet was readied to try to pull our boat hook out, but it being aluminium this wouldn’t help. Thankfully the hand grip floats so a foot of it was still visible above the water. We reversed. Out of gear. The handle swung round away from us. In the end with use of our stern line the handle was brought round to meet a hand and was pulled back out of the water.

A second go at pulling upwards didn’t work. We said sorry for not being able to help and carried on our way, leaving them wondering how to retrieve it.

We passed several boats

The moorings at Newbold were just about empty, we pulled in at the far end, still where there would be enough distance away from the road for Tilly to explore safely. A late lunch followed by preparing tonight’s meal, beef and beetroot curry. With everything brought to a bubble on the cooker the pot was transferred to the top of our stove and left to do it’s thing for a couple of hours, slowly bubbling away tenderising the beef.

Serious yummy smells Click photo for recipe

Time to look at our first results from our tracking experiment.

Water Explorer. 2 journeys recorded. 0 locks. 1.67 miles.

Trip 1, no way points so it didn’t follow the canal, distance inaccurate
Trip 2, way points so a more accurate distance

Nebo. 2 journeys recorded, although the second one includes the first. 0 locks (these are never recorded). 2.6 miles although each voyage added together was only 1.9 miles (this may have included walking around at the water point and in my back pocket, even going to Tescos).

Map covering both journeys. Max speed obviously not correct!
Morning Voyage
Afternoon Voyage

Memory Map put onto Google Maps. 1 journey recorded from the phone on the stern of the boat. 0 locks, not possible to display locks on Google. Distance, on Google 1.8 miles, phone recorded distance as 1.79 miles in Memory Map.

Google only shows start and end times, on way points

Of course we could download the Memory Map data onto another map where we could access more details. We’ll work on this. However, we’d like to be able to reuse our trip computer and GPS that sits in a window of Oleanna, out of any harm from weather. The little laptop is really quite old so it’s hard drive would need wiping as it currently runs on Windows XP, and make it into a Chrome Book. This would mean we could record either Nebo or Memory Map trips on it.

This experiment has of course highlighted that Water Explorer with it’s recording of way points does not always give an accurate distance travelled, we’ve known this but put up with it.

0 locks, 1.67miles/1.9miles/1.8miles/1.79miles, 1 full water tank, 0 rubbish left on board, 1 clean pooh box, 4 bags shopping, 1 Saturday newspaper just remembered, 1 magnet stuck, 1 more muddy outside! 1 experiment still on going, 1 very tasty curry, 2 not so good bought naan breads, my homemade gf ones are much better

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  1. Anonymous

    That leaking pipe at Ansty you mentioned the other day……
    CaRT have just put out a notice saying Warwickshire CC are using a pontoon under the bridge for an inspection.
    I hope this doesn’t lead to a stoppage as I’m planning to go that way myself next week.
    NB ‘Red Wharf’

    1. Pip Post author

      Here’s hoping the same as we are delayed getting back through the bridge towards Christmas. Maybe our paths will cross?

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, I hope so.
        It would be nice to meet Tilly (oh, and yourselves, of course! 🙂 )
        Plan is to set off from Glascote Saturday morning.

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