Five Weeks Without A Pootle. 20th November

Brownsover Services to near River Avon Aqueduct

So much better here than where we ended up!

A lie in with Tilly in the way, it’s good to be home. After a lengthy cuppa in bed with Saturdays newspaper to read, Mick set to in the kitchen preparing breakfast, extra rations today. There was so much food that we continued to eat as we joined the Geraghty zoom. A trip to Bruges, panto and flowering cacti were discussed.

Breakfast whilst waiting for family to arrive

Another two loads of washing were required before moving away from the handy tap and a couple of items were still needed from Tescos. So Mick popped down the hill and dealt with washing whilst I rested myself.

Several boats came past, some stopping in spaces, others pausing to top up and empty.

Topping up

Oleanna had her yellow water tank emptied and her fresh water tank filled, then we were ready to make a move.

The last time I was on a moving boat was five weeks ago, cruising from near Kings Sutton Lock to the Tramway moorings in Banbury, all pre-panto. Then the ground was dry, today the towpath and boat were muddy.

Stepping off the boat was done carefully, yet my calf twinged. More rest required for it. I managed to push the bow out and off we went. The sun was trying it’s best, but that really didn’t matter, just being on the move at a leisurely pace was all that counted.

Waiting for the bow to come out

Not far today, just somewhere where we’d be happier for Tilly to head off and explore. Well it didn’t get a very good review from her. Well what do expect! There’s a great big mesh fence in the way of the good bits!

The afternoon was spent pottering and watching another episode of Morse and the final part of Inside Man, we wonder if there was enough plot left dangling for there to be a second series. Later on we enjoyed a roast chicken.

Panto reviews have started to come in, so far everyone has enjoyed themselves.

0 locks, 0.44 miles, 2 loads washing, 1 disappointed cat, 1 twinge, episode 12, 1 week left to live, 1 large roast chicken, 0 fresh ducks for Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Five Weeks Without A Pootle. 20th November

  1. Ade

    Most impressive breakfast Mick!
    Looks yummy.
    Hope the calf heals very soon Pip.
    Stretching those Achilles tendons will help!
    Nice to see you 3 moving again.

  2. Brian Anthony Holt

    If you hadn’t have thrown the side doors open and spoke I wouldn’t have even seen the boat, I was looking at the offside to try and see the route of the original canal, rigt=ht opposite where you were moored.

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