Blowing Up The Rats. 3rd October

Marlow Lock Cut

Up, out of bed, breakfasted and walking towards the station this morning for Mick to catch a train into Maidenhead, then one to London, the tube, on to York and the final train of that leg to Scarborough. Our latest lodgers had moved out yesterday, so the house needed checking over and the grass cutting.

Only a bit of space on York to moor today

I meanwhile headed off to Sainsburys to see how much I could carry back to the boat ending up doing an intermediate shop which would keep us going until we reach Tescos in Reading.

Just look at those!

The shop windows in Marlow have tantalising things in them. I SO wish I ate gluten still as one cafe had the most enticing looking bread in their window and trays of wonderous baked goods filling the counters. Oh well I most probably saved myself a fortune.

I behaved and didn’t stock up on yarns

A shop down a side street caught my eye, a crafty shop with fabrics and yarn. My bumbag needs the zip replacing, so I waited outside for the shop to open then purchased what I hope is the correct length zip for the job. Just need to find the time with enough daylight to put it in now.

Alan, still King of the wall in Scarborough

Today I was going to make use of the table whilst Mick was away and do a bit of prep work for panto. The elaborate portals that I’ve designed have quite a few things that repeat themselves, so a quick means of drawing them out is required. I could project them onto the scenery, a method I’ll use elsewhere this year, but as these are so repetitive I’m going to use stencils.

Rats blown up

I gridded up the card I’d bought in London and transferred the designs across, trying to better the originals I’d used for the model. The correct lines were picked out from the mistakes with pen and later on in the day I started to cut them out. After two I’d had enough, the others can happen over the next few days when we moor up.

Around the lock was busy today. Plenty of boats coming and going. At one point I looked up to see a grey widebeam gliding past with no-one at the helm. They were sorting out their centre rope and ran back down the roof before the boat went off course.

EA getting ready for some work somewhere

A work boat and skip came down the lock. We’ve seen a few worky type vessels about the place, presumably getting ready for winter maintenance.

Several of the overstaying boats moved off too. Notices removed from windows. That left us and one other boat that looks like it is quite happy here.

Thankfully no friends were brought home today!

Council workmen arrived and did a bit of pruning in the park we’re moored alongside so whilst the chipper chipped Tilly was kept in. A big vat of carrot and orange soup was made from the remaining cheap carrots we’d bought at M&S, Not bad for 45p, a roast, a cake and soup.

Scarborough Station

Mick’s return journey from Scarborough wasn’t quite so good. The trains to London from York were cancelled so a detour via Leeds was taken. This train ended up stopping everywhere so got into London late. A fast train to Maidenhead got him slightly back on course where he caught up with a train he’d hoped to catch back to Marlow. He was back on board Oleanna just gone 10:30pm. A long day with a lot of trains.

Cats enlarged

0 locks, 0 miles, 9 trains, 2 tubes, 1 tidy house, 1 load washing, 1 catch up with neighbours, 2 bags shopping, 1 zip, 6 hours shore leave, 2 cancelled, 1 busy river out of season, 7 stencils drawn, 2 cut.