In Triplicate. 7th September

Oundle Cruising Club

My brain was whirring with all the little jobs I needed to do before putting panto things in the post, so much so there was next to no point in lying in bed just thinking about them, I might as well be up doing them. I reckoned half a day would see all the jobs done and a parcel wrapped up, a walk into Oundle Post Office, then all I’d be left with would be emails and the occasional zoom meeting before I start painting the set in five weeks time.

Checking the green is the right shade

I worked away, altering colours of a few things, cutting away some sky on others. A list of amendments to drawings. Sue came to wave us off, but we wouldn’t be leaving until the afternoon or maybe put it off until tomorrow. A Sainsburys delivery arrived and was stowed away.

After lunch Mick decided that he’d change Oleanna’s oil and a filter, an early service but one that would need doing whilst we were on our mission. Tilly busied herself outside, not sure if she’s ever made it up onto the club roof, I’d seen her doing the calculations the other day!

Barrow repainted in rusty colours

Drawings amended. Copies amended in triplicate! The right sized shoe box found and some bubble wrap. By now it was getting on for 16:30, I’d just make the Post Office. Then Mick mentioned that Royal Mail would be on strike the next two days!

They apparently would do their best to deliver Tracked 24 parcels. I looked this up on line. Only downside is that they have to collect your parcel, you can’t just drop it off at a Post Office! Well that wouldn’t happen!

Evie was looked up, next day would be the way to go. Nearest parcel shop, Thrapston! Nowhere in Oundle to drop the parcel off at. Thrapston being four hours away and they recommend dropping your parcel off before midday. Should we make a start on the four hours today? It was nearly 17:00, yellow water, water tank to deal with, Tilly busy outside. Decision made, we’d leave extra early tomorrow morning.

Goodbye until we meet again

In between receiving emails from Jo the panto props maker regarding horse manure we walked across the marina to say our goodbyes to Sue and Ken. If we hadn’t been leaving so early tomorrow we’d have been able to share the first few locks with them. We had a cuppa, chat and then said our final farewell. Hopefully there will be no more delays with broken locks for either of us and once up the Northampton flight we’ll be heading in opposite directions.

Evening fishing

Early night for us tonight.

0 locks, 0 post for 2 days, 6 final amendments, 2 shovels of manure, 9 litres oil, 1 filter, 1 full water tank, 1 empty wee tank, 1 food delivery, 1 boat, 2 boaters, 1 cat all ready for the off.