The Peartree Triangle. 31st August

Peartree Farm FOTRN mooring

Woo hoo! A sausage day!!!!!

Oh hang on, a blowy windy sausage day with no friendly cover! Well that’s pants!!

Good trees though

Last night when I came in for my dingding we had the triangle to ourselves. But this morning there were swans. I soon saw them off by running up a nearby tree, then another until they got the message. Now we had it all to ourselv…… Hang on where did that boat come from?!

I tried my very best at being outside, but it really was very blowy. So I had to keep coming and going, She said I hadn’t stepped off the boat so did I really deserve any Dreamies. I always deserve Dreamies!

She kept an eye on notices. Not much news on the broken lock. She said ‘Well I’d best get on with work. We may need to spend whole days moving the outside once the lock is mended’. We’ve got places to be and appointments to keep, one of them Royal, so I decided I’d best help her out.

Yep that’s all lined up right

First the box came out. I’m not allowed in there, but all looked quite good from my side. She said things ‘still need doing’ and wrote a list.

‘Hello!’ Someone had appeared in the outside! In fact two boats had come to help tie up the blustery outside. Would four boats be enough to keep it under control? The She’s chatted. She had news, ‘The broken part has now arrived in Leeds where a new part has to be manufactured. Absolutely no clue as to the timescale but it’s clearly not an imminent fix. Grrrr!’ There was more Grrring from two Toms too. She just nodded, turned round and said ‘we need to make a back-up plan.’

That one’s done, apart from the floor!

Over their mid day dingding they counted miles, lock, cruising time. Three long days one way, two if we really had to. Backwards was two long days, or there was back to Oundle outside, half a day. Friday would be D’day, this is a very different sort of day to a sausage day, just thought I should point that out in case you got confused.

The next time I ventured out there was another boat, FIVE now clinging on to trees trying to keep the outside under control. Peartree Triangle where boats appear!

Sending out the Bat signal for help

She got the drawing board out. Time to check through the drawings and make amendments. I did the checking for her whilst sitting in a nice sunny spot.

On days like this Tom and I have very few places we can sit. A cat’s life time mission is to sit in any box they come across, but here on Oleanna there are boxes that are poisonous, that have to be walked round carefully. Tom ended up going outside to make fire with the other Toms, they all stood around the fire talking Tom things, some of them were still Grrring!

Tom’s vying for top Tom fire lighter

Another boat arrived, but they decided to keep on going despite the Toms saying there was nowhere for them to moor further on. Maybe they thought five boats was enough to keep the outside under control. It wasn’t. She still checked for news. There was more news.

Another lock ahead with another mechanical failure! Grrrr!!!

Perez needs help with that fly on his cheek

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 boat to 5, 1 woofer, 2 Grring Toms, 1 sausage day with wind, 1 D-day, 10 boaters with their fingers crossed, 8 paws crossed, 4 legs crossed, 1 pump out past being needed! 1 more broken lock!

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  1. Dave (Scouts)

    And i thought it was just CRT that is letting everything fall apart.
    Thing is these days a lot of places just don’t do preventative maintenance any more like we used to (I bet Mick did a lot in his time with BT), they prefer to fix it when it breaks. Sadly in some cases when it breaks its out of action for a long time.

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