Telecoms To Carpentry. 22nd August

Ferry Meadows to Pudding Lane FOTRN mooring

A misty morning

Waking early sometimes gives you the opportunity to enjoy what normally only the ducks and geese get to see. Today mist rose from the lake, not a breath of wind, lovely. I headed back to bed for another hours kip.

NB Per Angusta pushed off a few minutes before us, the gap between the two boats might mean we’d get to share locks, or would be just too long for them to head up the next lock on their own. Leaving the lake we could see them hunting round for the exit, we knew we’d catch them up.

A very smart bridge

Back out onto the river again, curling round the park to it’s north side, back under Milton Ferry Bridge white and grand in the sunshine.

NB Per Angusta were just pulling into Alwalton Lock as we rounded the last bend, we slipped in alongside them. I had the control panel side, time to press buttons for ages closing the guillotine gate, these seem to take twice as long as the gates on the River Great Ouse.

Alwalton Lock

Up we rose sharing a lock, NB Per Angusta were heading onwards to moor at Wansford by the station, where as we would leave the lock and then reverse back onto the Pudding Lane FOTRN mooring, the EA mooring on the lock island already occupied.

Reversing back to moor

Tilly was given 7.5 hours of shore leave, just remember that number, I settled down to do more model panting and Mick hunted round for some tools. It was time to make a frame for the hatch to discourage feline use in both directions.

I hoped I gave clear instructions to my Telecoms trained boyfriend, measurements were taken, sawing heard from the bow. A file was dug out from the tool box to aid getting the cuts straight, maybe I should have paid the extra at the DIY shop to have the timber cut to length!

Pencil behind the ear measurements

No hammer could be found, the mallet would have to suffice to knock nails in. My model making PVA was taken outside and just before lunchtime we had a frame of the right dimensions. A quick check to see it fitted. Ah the inner doors have protruding hinges which we’d not taken into consideration, three corners of the frame fitted past them but the forth, no chance.

Timber cut

I had a lengthy phone meeting with Jo the props maker for panto, conversations regarding snakes, gorillas and just how big some boiled egg ice cream should actually be, 2ft or just 18″. Always nice to talk to Jo.

By the end of our conversation Mick had moved one of the sides of the frame in a little and it fitted round the hinges. Next came the mesh which needed trimming to size and then stapling onto the frame, all done pretty neatly. Don’t worry Frank, Mick is not a patch on you! Now we know that the side hatch is only one way, we may add some netting too to keep the mosquitos out.

The afternoon progressed with me just about finishing painting the cloth I’d started yesterday, so glad I’m not having to paint this one, we’ll be getting it printed onto fabric. There may still be bits to add, but I need to put it in the model box first.

Tilly had been back several times during the day for ‘Thank you for coming home’ Dreamies. But we’d not seen her for sometime. The 7.5 hours were up. A walk around shouting had no luck. We had some food then tried again.

Behind our mooring is a field that has been harvested, stubbly straw left standing. On the far side some 300m away the A1 zooms on past. A few crows could be seen. Was that two crows over the far side? Hard to tell in the now dimming light without a camera zoom to assist. Then the two crows moved in unison, four legs and the shape of a cat. I shouted, not able to make out a white tipped tail, it was certainly a cat. I cupped my hands around my mouth to help project my calls. No reaction, just a slow walk towards the sideways trees closer to the A1!

See ya!

A camera was needed, followed by a walk across the field to where I thought I’d seen her. The noise from the road far too loud to hear anything, so she’d not have been able to hear my calls and I certainly couldn’t hear any replies from her. I could see Mick on the far side of the field 300m away. Had she returned? No.

With phones and the big torch we walked in opposite directions around the field, calling and calling and listening for Tilly. We walked past each other and continued calling and listening. A full circuit, twice! Nothing.

Tilly’s litter tray was put on a locker lid and we tried to get on with things inside. A form needed filling in, emails replying to, but still no cat!

3.5 hours after her shore leave elapsed I heard a faint noise outside, was that her bell? Another. Was it? A face appeared at the one way door, glazed panels keeping the breeze out. Thank ******************* for that.


Just over there!

1 lock, 3.17 miles, 1 left, 1 reverse, 1 cat mesh made, 1hr 40 minutes talking props, 3 lots of dreamies, 1 AWOL cat, 2 concerned boaters, 1 mile walk round a field, 11 hours! 1 not so bothered cat who thankfully came home, eventually!