The Day One Way Became Two Way! 14th August

Littleport Station Road EA mooring to River Wissey GOBA mooring

After a good nights sleep away from the noises of London and the retained heat big cities hold we were up and breakfasted early ready to get on the move. We pushed off, winded and headed northwards, sun cream was already a requirement before 9am.

Goodbye Littleport

The high banks block any view, roof tops occasionally peek above to say hello. The pink house with windows pointing both up and down stream, the sad house even sadder now we’re leaving the Great Ouse, just one more night before we’ll be gone.

The marching line of pylons, we’ll next see them on the Middle Level. Passing the Little Ouse, plenty of moorings available in full sunshine there today.


By the time we reached Ten Mile Bank we’d just about caught up with another narrowboat. No sign of Neil the seal, but a tell tale gap had been left between boats suggesting he may have been about when people moored up. We were wanting water, so was the narrowboat in front, they loitered waiting for a boat to pull out as we discussed our options and then carried on down stream, water could wait for tomorrow.

Space for seals only

Turning down the River Wissey we had our fingers crossed not only for a mooring but also one in shade. The first stretch of moorings was empty, here the bank is gradually falling towards the river, big cracks were noticeable when we arrived on our first day on the Great Ouse. However there was a willow tree overhanging the river, it would give us some shade, but should we take the risk? Willows in dry weather are known to loose limbs, cracking and splitting away from the main trunk. We decided to risk it and tied up with the bow in sunshine, the stern in shade.

An early lunch, then an afternoon at work for me, taking photos of the set pieces so that the builders can see them in more detail. A new version of the storyboard was put together and file after file were added to the panto dropbox.

Tilly headed out for the first time in what feels like weeks, too hot really so she kept returning to lie on the floor for a while. Adding more ventilation to the boat in recent days the port side bathroom porthole glass has been removed. Tilly found this most interesting, a new way inside!


Mick took up position under the willow tree, we all settled down for the afternoon. However around 4pm he decided that he would pull us along a touch, further into the sun! This was actually quite sensible as above his head he’d started to hear an amount of creaking from the tree!

Tilly and I had a stretch of our legs as the temperature started to subside, then it was time for the doors to close as it was Dingding time. Inside the boat was now the same temperature as outside, a cooling breeze through the boat would have been nice, but we coped with the side hatch, bathroom porthole, front door open with the bathroom door closed so that our second mate couldn’t head off to do some evening friend hunting.

No throne so amended photos needed

Mick had a shower and as soon as he opened the bathroom door, Tilly saw an opportunity the other side of the bathroom was open, she was straight out through the front door. B**gger! Our first mistake! Thankfully she was a touch too glib about it and was quite easy to pick up. She was passed back into the boat through the bathroom porthole, which turned out to be our second mistake.

Oleanna has a one way doorway for felines, the side hatch. This is quite clever as access is only in one direction and that is inwards. On a couple of occasions Tilly has tried to exit via this doorway only to do a cartoon splat on the internal glazed doors. Today we had added a second such doorway, the bathroom porthole.

A clunk came from the toilet seat, this happens when you sit on our compost toilet, opening up the containers for what ever you may produce. Neither myself or Mick were sat on it. As I peeked round the door I saw the back of Tilly disappearing through the porthole!

A new opening!

She was hot, tired and too glib again at her achievement so was fairly easy to catch. What a shame she’d discovered the porthole worked in both directions, the glass was put back in and we all settled down to watch TV.

Then our third mistake. If it wasn’t for us not wanting Tilly to be out all night (shh! she doesn’t know other cats do such things), during these hot days we would possibly sleep with more windows removed and have the front doors open to let cooling night time air in. We made such a remark out loud.

Well you said if I wasn’t about you’d have all the doors open, so I thought I’d give the side hatch another go to see if it was two way like the bathroom window. Blimey it was!!! Brilliant, I could find more friends and She and Tom could get cooler, they’re not allowed out after dark, well not very often!


This time she was out and there was no catching her. Time to open all the doors and let in the tropical sunset for an hour whilst we finished watching Van der Valk. Thankfully after an hour I called for her and she returned quickly. Here’s hoping that we can persuade her that the hatch had a little blip and has now returned to being one way only, inwards!

0 locks, 9.01 miles, 1 wind, 1 right, 1 shady tree, 1 storyboard, 1 rock, 1 hot cat, 3 mistakes, 3 back on board to sleep.

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