Working Pootling. 9th 10th August

Jubilee Gardens, Ely to Padnell Fen GOBA mooring to Littleport Station Road, EA Mooring

The drawing board was out straight after breakfast, time for the final push before my white card model meeting on Thursday. Mick popped to Sainsburys to get a few things to keep us going, Then we winded in the entrance of Cathedral Marina waved to Stewart on WB Misty and headed for the service mooring, well to join the queue.

Can you tie up a better outside PLEASE!

A boat had just pushed off allowing the next one to pull in to fill and empty as required. We pulled alongside them to wait, I continued working below as Mick chatted away. It seemed to be taking forever for them to fill with water, the lady had filled a couple of buckets then turned the hose on again. It turned out that she’d only just turned the tap back on! Once they were full we pushed out to let them out then came back in to fill our water tank and empty yellow water. The washing machine had been busy so we needed quite a bit. By the time we’d finished another two boats were waiting.

Bye bye Ely

Time to say a final farewell to Ely.

Granny annexes

The chap who we watched building extensions to his boat appears to have built a couple of what might be granny annexes, each with a tent on a floating platform.

Moving indoor office

With Mick at the helm and me below we pootled our way downstream on the Great Ouse, the high banks masking any view, but there was a nice cool breeze coming in through the hatch. We’d decided to head for the River Lark and the nice mooring there where Tilly could have some shore leave. Thankfully there was space and we made ourselves at home quickly.

Drawings drawings drawings

All afternoon I continued amending drawings so that the set can be priced up. Only one scene left to draw up, the final one where I’d changed everything.

As we were somewhere nice with space to sit out we got the barbeque out. Mick filled a bucket of water which was placed close to the fire just in case. We enjoyed veg kebabs and some teriyaki salmon before the sun started to set and both of us started to feel very chilly, in fact we even got goose bumps!


What a wonderful sunset. Every time I looked out of the hatch it had gone one step redder.



Not more work!

Wednesday. We needed to move for ease of access to a station. Our advance party on NB Cleddau had checked to see if the moorings near Littleport station had reopened. Photos had been sent to us a few days ago, we just hoped that there would be space for us.

Mick smug after winding

Facing the wrong way we tried a couple of times to wind, but the river was just about 60ft wide, a little bit further upstream we managed and headed back to the Great Ouse where we slowed to let a cruiser pass and then turned right towards Littleport.

The missing scene was almost drawn up by the time we had passed The Swan on the River pub, there was space here, but we carried on to the mooring nearer the station.

Not one boat was moored, so we pulled in at the far end then pulled back hoping a tree might just give us a touch of shade this afternoon. Sadly what shade fell on Oleanna only lasted about an hour until she was back in full sun!

I didn’t take the sign down

By 6:30 all the technical drawings for panto were done. Tilly was hot and bored and annoying. A blue Ikea bag came out and the model was packed away into it ready for the morning. Here’s hoping it gets approved and I can quickly get it coloured up.

Zero shade anywhere!

0 locks, 7.22 miles, 2 rights, 2 winds, 1 slow tap, 1 full turn, 1 quick tap, 1 empty wee tank, 1 favourite mooring, 3.5 hours shore leave, 2 owls heard not seen, 1 stunner of a sunset, 1 pantomime drawn up, 28C inside, 1 model all packed up, 1 designer with her fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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