44 Miles As The Crow Flies. 26th July

Bedford GOBA Mooring

A full work day for me, the drawing board was brought out early and took over the table. Mick made himself a little office in the cratch with a chair and his tablet, not sure what work he was doing!

Tilly was given nine hours shore leave, she made the most of it along with coming back for Dreamies and the occasional kip when the area got a bit too woofery.

Considering there were quite a few boats at the festival over the weekend the river has been very quiet, a cruiser came past and has moored up at the other end of the GOBA moorings. Everyone must have headed of on Sunday afternoon or on Monday before we came out of the marina.

All the sketch drawings ready for model making

At 2:30pm it was time for my next production zoom meeting. Mick headed off to pick up some things we’d forgotten from Tescos whilst I settled down with Gemma (Production Manager), John (Writer of this years Panto and Artistic Director of Chippy Theatre) and Paul (the new Technical and facilities Director at Chippy). The talk was about all things set. With the lateness of everything we are having to cut some corners, so there simply won’t be time to get quotes for the build, but a slot has already been booked with the builders who have built the last few years. The budget is up on last year, but then so are prices for materials. I’m trying to reuse as much as possible and poor Paul has been rummaging away in the Attic store trying to find things. I now have rough design dead lines to meet.

Last night we started planning our route towards Oxford for me to go to work.

The quick way

As the crow flies Bedford is 44 miles from Oxford from where I’ll get the bus to Chipping Norton to start work.

A look at Canalplan first gave us the quicker route via Braunston, Cropredy and Banbury. 235 miles, 125 locks, taking nearly 106 cruising hours. This route at the moment has been short of water, like many places, and wouldn’t make the most use out of our Gold Licence.

Via Braunston

Another look at Canalplan with a route via Brentford. 339 miles, 198 locks, 157.5 cruising hours. This would make use of our gold licence and hopefully should the drought continue the Thames may have more water than the Oxford Canal.

Via Brentford

We use Canal plan to work out where we’re likely to be on certain dates and roughly how many hours we should be cruising a day. With this latter plan, it works out to be just over 2 hours a day to arrive in Oxford with plenty of time before I go off to work. But with me working every other day (48hr moorings on EA waters), that will mean we need to be doing at least four hours on days when we cruise.

This doesn’t account for any exploration of the Middle Level or taking time on the River Nene.

We’d best get moving!

0 locks, 0 miles, 8 hours drawing, 1 indoor office, 1 cratch office, 9 hours feline exploration, 1 useful meeting, 1 white card date in the diary, 1 cruising plan to try to stick to, 1 annoying fishing family right by our bedroom long after dark, 2 boaters ready with buckets of water in case their fire gets out of control!

Sunday on a Tuesday

2 thoughts on “44 Miles As The Crow Flies. 26th July

  1. Anonymous

    We’ve a trip down to that there London planned for September.
    When we get to Wigram’s Turn we will have to decide which way to go, left or right. So we will be following your progress with interest.
    Also, we will welcome Mrs Tilly’s opinion of moorings as we will have our ship’s cat, Gog, with us.

    NB ‘Red Wharf’

    1. Pip Post author

      Here’s hoping there’s enough water to get us back up Northampton!
      Welcome Gog, Tilly says that when I’ve enough time to help her she wants to do her own map of approved moorings. She may have to wait a while!
      Happy cruising may you have enough water to stay afloat.

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