Comb Overs. 13th May

Peterborough Embankment to The Boathouse

She said I could have ten minutes. Ten minutes!!! That’s a rubbish amount of shore leave. But then I looked at the outside, it was rubbish too!


It kind of looked like I’d have to make do with this one, after a while I managed to get across the huge expanse to a tree which went right down to the bottom. It wasn’t really worth sitting there so I waited for a gap in the wizzy seats before I returned. Tom had closed the back doors because this outside just seems to be windy ALL the time!

Eventually She and Tom went out leaving me in charge. I had to keep an eye on the Tom with the little boats and see if the stupid Tom in the super fast boat came past making everything go up and down for no reason what-so-ever. Super Fast Tom didn’t come out but maybe that’s because he was sleeping off his beer cans from yesterday.

She and Tom said that this outside was quite treacherous for them too. On walking to get supplies they had wanted to walk along the river, but the walkway had gone all uneven, thankfully not whilst they were on it. I think I’d be able to get more than just my arm down the holes there.

Tom had been busy with the washing machine so we needed to tie up the tap again. The Tom with the little boats hadn’t had a busy day, but he said tomorrow would be busier. Maybe we would want to tie up a different outside for the weekend.

Comb over trees

It was very blowy at the tap so Tom did a big reverse Andy to push the outside away at the bow. Oleanna had to work very hard to do this, but she managed it in the end, the outside had been spun round and it headed off in the opposite direction.

That’s really big

We passed where the big hole was, I could see what they meant, I think even Tom could get through that hole!

Moving the outside

After a short while She and Tom had to tie up the outside in a jaunty way, another boat was just having a rest before we could tie the outside up in a straighter way. She came inside and gave me three and a half hours and recited the rules which today included not going to the pub or smoking weed. I would just like to inform my readers I do not smoke weed, I only chew the finest blades of grass.

Proper trees

This outside is so much better, the trees are trees and don’t have combovers. The friendly cover is pretty good too.

She topped up the ‘Thank you for coming home’ Dreamie pot. Nice fresh crunchy Salmon and Tuna. That was the main reason for going shopping today, glad She didn’t drop them down the big hole, Peterborough seems to be full of them!

Such a better outside

Ding ding time arrived and I was just a touch busy to notice the time so She had to remind me. Luckily for me She picked me up and carried me over the holes in this outside just before a big group of young Toms arrived. I think they were wanting to have a swim and beer cans, they were quite noisy but moved on when they realised we were inside.

A good vantage place

Tonight’s ding ding was lamb. She and Tom also had lamb, theirs was of the Misterton variety.

Misterton Lamb and veg. Click the photo for recipe

0 locks, 1.51 miles, 1 big reverse Andy, 1 correct sign, 1 wavy footpath, 2 boxes wine, 2 loads washing, 1 full water tank, 17 comb overs, 1 woofer wanting to stay, 1 stamped on mooring, 4 lamb chops, 3 receipts, 1 new bag of Dreamies.