Extras On The Plate. 10th May

The Boathouse

The main reason for not hanging about on the River Nene has been the need to return northwards. Peterborough is the ideal place to do this from as the East Coast Main line trains mostly stop here and at York. When the Rail Sale was on we managed to book tickets for a fraction of the prices normally charged, but only on off peak trains.

That kept me going on my journey north

My first train wasn’t until midday, so there was time for a lie in and a proper breakfast. Tilly was allowed some shore leave, but when she returned the doors were firmly closed, I really didn’t want her following me to the station. You’ll notice some extras on the breakfast plate, white and black pudding, the advantage of shopping at Morrisions, they do gluten free versions!

The station is a twenty minute walk from our mooring which looked a similar distance to the moorings on the embankment in town. Most of the walk can be done through park land rather than along a busy main road. My train stopped at every station north. No boats on the Trent at Newark that I could see, but the pontoon in Doncaster looked really quite full. A fifty minute wait for the train to Scarborough and I was soon walking to Sainsburys to stock up on cleaning items that had been used up and not replaced by lour last lodgers.

Alan and Betty waiting or their Ding Ding

Mick hadn’t had enough time to do much at the house last week on his failed visit to collect our postal votes, which still haven’t arrived (but thankfully the candidate we’d have voted for got elected). This visit was to change the beds, do the washing and clean the house as much as time would allow before I was due in York for a hospital appointment.

The washing machine and tumble drier were worked hard, the last load left to finish washing overnight. Ironing until almost 10pm and all the beds made up ready. Our last lodgers along with using things up and not replacing them had done little in the way of cleaning. This meant no undercoat on the windows this visit!

Tilly added her own thoughts to the list too!

Meanwhile back on Oleanna, Mick had a little list of jobs to work through whilst I was gone. Today he took the kitchen tap to bits to replace a cassette to stop the hot water tap dripping. This is the second time he’s had to do this in five years. Maybe the tap wasn’t such a good find even if its shape mirrors the angle of the tumble home!

Well the lodgers had left it!

The cold water side of the tap didn’t want to come off and now when you turn the tap on on that side it leaks at the base of the unit. More investigation required and YouTube watching.

The dishwasher and shower filters were cleaned out too all whilst Tilly explored the environs.

0 miles, 0 locks, 2 cooked breakfasts, 2 trains, 0 washing liquid, 0 washing up liquid, 0 cleaning cloths, 5 loads washing, 3 sets bed linen ironed, 1 Betty, 1 Alan, 1 ground floor clean, 1 flannel, 2 odd socks, 1 leak fixed, 1 created, 2 filters, 1 cheeky bowl of chilled medication, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of approval.

4 thoughts on “Extras On The Plate. 10th May

  1. Alison

    Love the names of the cats Alan and Betty! Currently cat sitting for my sister, hers are called Keith and Beryl lol 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    My sons dog is called Ernie a big golden doodle! I rather like that too!
    Very nice breakfast there Pip.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      All Mick’s work, I just did the shopping!
      Ernie is a good name, if your son got a second dog would it be called Eric?

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe! I always think of “and he drove the fastest milk cart in the west” if you remember that?
    I had a feeling breakfasts were Mick’s cheffing skills but didn’t like to jump to conclusions.
    Top work there Mick yum yum

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