Poorly Cat and Computer. 2nd April

From there to a couple of miles further on, through 2 bridges

This is likely to be short as the laptop is not letting me get past the opening page! So for the moment, until the IT department can do something about it I am tapping this out on my phone with my thumb. Not the best way to write a blog post!

This morning Tilly was a touch too keen to use her pooh box, twice she visited it within an hour. Then she shouted and shouted to be let out, so we obliged. Sometimes when one is not feeling so good just siting out in the fresh air improves things. Sitting under the pram cover on the hatch was all she wanted to do.

Not quite right!

Her food was removed, fresh water put down and try as she might when she came in during the Geraghty zoom I was not going to give her dreamies, a system reset was needed along with a day of cat napping.

We moved on through two more swing bridges to the next loop away from the railway. The mooring here isn’t as nice, but it’s that bit closer to Keadby and a bike ride away for a newspaper.

Sleeping it off

Tilly was kept in for the remainder of the day, a few biscuits were introduced later in the day which seemed to go down well and seem to have been given time to be digested.

Yes that is a jacket potato with extra carbon!

A pork, apple and cider stew was put on the stove top to slowly cook away the afternoon. 3 jacket potatoes were added into the stove. The fire wasn’t being overly enthusiastic, possibly due to having the shorter chimney on, or maybe a sweep is needed. The chimney was swapped over, then Mick decided to put the potatoes on the coals to help with the cooking. Of course this did mean two of the spuds had a charred side to them, they were however fluffy inside.

0 locks, 2 miles ish, 2 swing bridges, 1 cockerel held up, 1 post box and signal man, 1 off colour cat, 3 cauliflowers needing to get a move on for the potatoes, 3rd time of covid, 1 annoying printer, now 1 defunct computer! (possibly mended?!)