A Productive Day. 14th September

Cast Iron Roving Bridge

Rain. Well it had been forecast.

Just about all our neighbours moved off all sporting their wet weather gear. We on the other hand sat indoors to stay dry. We’d most certainly chosen the best day to ascend the locks into Birmingham.

Tilly ventured outside when the rain dulled a little, but still nothing had changed to alter her opinion of BUMingham.

Into reverse

During the morning we heard a low deep engine coming. Was it a trip boat or could it be a coal boat. The bow came into sight, it was NB Roach. I waved to the chap on board as Mick made his way out of the pram cover, we were after a new gas bottle and he had some on board.

NB Roach with quite a load on

With quite a few boats moving about he wasn’t able to stop straight away. Another boat hailed him too for some coal. He gradually reversed back into the space behind us and tied up. £35.50 so not bad and we’d rather stock up now as there are still rumours of shortages further north. He’s heading for Worcester then onto Stourport for next Monday, back up to Stourton Junction hoping that the lock in Kidderminster is operational after a big fire and subsequent pollution in the canal there.

I spent the day working. All of a sudden emails were flooding in regarding Panto. These needed attention and the props list needed up dating and forwarding to Jo who is already working on the show.

Our super powerful torch comes in handy at times

Then it was time to put the finishing touches to my #unit21 model. Adjustments of lines on the floor a bit off here and there to make the overall proportions look better. Then it was time to take some photos to update Amy on the model.

I updated the technical drawings ready to scan and send to Graham for a new price. Different covering materials were sought out and samples requested so that projection can be tried out. A very productive day for me.

Soggy woofer on the roof

Mick spent his time lighting the stove and generally keeping warm, he also walked to Sainsburys for a few bits.

Tilly, after a couple of checks on the outside, retired to bed for just about all of the rest of the day. A very productive day asleep I think you’ll find!

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 boats left, £35.50 gas, 1 day behind already, 1 soggy day, 1 model finished, 1 big torch, 1 happy director, 4 new samples, 1 panto set builder, 0 production manager, 1 updated props list, 1 bored cat, 1 cosy boat.