Leckenbys. 25th June

Rembrandt Gardens

A mini cooked breakfast to start the day

Last night we did our first lateral flow tests, we’ve had the kits since we left the house but never felt the need to do one as we’ve not really been mixing with people. Thankfully they both came out negative. Just because you’ve had both jabs doesn’t mean you can’t get Covid or give it to someone, so even though the tests are not guaranteed to be correct they offer some form of reassurance. Whilst we are in London we’ll be doing them regularly.

On the buses

Over the next few days we will be doing a lot of catching up with family. Today we saw the London Leckenby’s for the first time since December 2019. They are not fans of zoom so we’ve only seen them virtually once in the last 18 months. So today was quite emotional but lovely.

Gorilla Finn inspecting the first floor

We had a tour of their house which is currently undergoing some major building work, so much so only Finn and Ziggy are residing on the ground floor of the house currently. The only way to see the top floor, well what there is of it was either by standing on a ladder and peering upwards or by climbing out of the window onto scaffolding to walk in where the roof will be returned later in the summer.

Walking through the roof

In temporary accommodation down the road we all enjoyed each others company again. Josh has obviously grown, he’ll be 15 in a couple of months time and is currently sitting end of year exams.

As always we had a lovely evening with them, enjoying their company, food and drink.

Reunited Leckenbys

We did do other things today, but if I told you about them now I’d most certainly have to kill you all, as they are secret. I will divulge all later.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 dodgy geezers, 18, 30 buses, 1 family reunited, 1 pack of tissues, 0.5 of a salmon, 15!

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  1. Anonymous

    How lovely to see each other after all that time.
    Nice breakfast if only a light one!
    Ooooh a secret I do like turning over secrets!
    Stay safe in the capital.

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